VLC Player 2.0 to feature rewritten UI, Blu-ray support, and more

“VLC 2.0’s interface for Mac is dramatically different from its previous revision, both technically and usage-wise,” Felix Kühne reports for VideoLAN.

“Playlist and video output share the same window, service discovery modules can be easily accessed through a sidebar and various audio + video filters are available through the respective panels,” Kühne reports. “Besides that, the interface is noticeably faster and easily expandable. Speaking of that, we also added support for VLC’s lua-based extensions, which allow you to get info about the current movie from Allociné, post to Twitter, fetch subtitles automatically, etc.”

Kühne reports, “VLC 2.0 will be available later this week on videolan.org.”

Read more in the full article, with screenshots, here.

Much more about Blu-ray and other features )Google French to English translation) here.

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  1. As much as I love VLC and relied on it for many years, I find I’ve used mplayerx only because it’s in the App Store (easier to manage across computers, re-download on a re-install or when adding new users… just personal use stuff).

    1. Forgive my sarcasm, but is visiting videolan.org and clicking the large blue download link next to the giant orange traffic cone really too much trouble? If so, is it the remembering videolan.org part? Or is the beginning of a type of bigotry against apps not distributed via the App Store? Again, no offense intended.

      1. I don’t quite see what was the sarcasm part in your post. it did, however, come across as a bit offensive.

        There is a reason why Mac App Store became so wildly popular right out of the gate. It is definitely much easier to have application updating centrally controlled by the App Store. Bigotry is not exactly applicable here (you probably meant discrimination; bigotry is lack of respect and tolerance for opinions other than one’s own); observer here clearly states that, while he likes VLC, he finds it much more convenient to use App Store, which is difficult to dispute.

      2. It’s definitely not too much trouble. I used to/still do have a personal website that serves no other purpose than to link to the download pages for my must-have applications. If I was ever on someone else’s computer or had recently formatted (OCD + PC meant I used to format a lot) my computer, I could go to my page and have access to those downloads. Creating that page wasn’t too much trouble, so actually navigating to pages isn’t trouble either.
        As Predrag pointed out, the App Store is just more convenient and VLC is a perfect example for me of why the App Store could be easier. I use VLC infrequently (most of my vids are h264 and are in iTunes) so the differences between it and mplayerx are negligible at best. As I said, while going the website and download the app certainly isn’t a lot of trouble, opening the App Store and clicking download for most of my applications is easier… especially as more and more of my apps are on there.

  2. I like VLC and keep it as a just-in-case player these days. With both Flip4Mac and Perian, Quicktime has been 99% useful. It’s only for that 1% now where VLC comes in handy. Oh… well, let’s not forget that Handbrake uses VLC for some functions, so in that regard, it’s absolutely necessary to have.

      1. Agreed. I have no problems using QT in Lion. If anything, QT in Lion is far more useful with the ability to do screen recordings, partial screen recordings, etc. With Soundflower, I can record anything I want with audio.

    1. I’ve been ravaging Apple for the CRAP condition of their NEVER COMPLETED 64-bit QuickTime Player v10.x for several YEARS now. Apple simply don’t give a rat’s about QuickTime any more. It’s one of those times I have to point at a particular Apple tech and shout: “SHAMEFUL!”

      The other shameful thing in Lion is the self-corrupting Finder. WTF did they do to it?! Apple have a mountain of bug reports about it, including many from me. And again, I don’t think Apple gives a rat’s.

      Apple’s focus these days is iDevices. And yet the Mac continues to increase in market share, making Apple ever more money…

      1. I have also had some recent issues with QT. I have been able to open files that QT generally opens by using QT7. I have also had some freezing problems with QT. Suggestions?

  3. I started using Movist a couple years ago, it doesn’t stutter like VLC and plays everything I’ve thrown at it.

    I never liked QT, so that wasn’t/isn’t an option for me.

    Stay stinky, my friends.

  4. AMAZING: Exactly two years ago the VLC Mac project was DEAD. The obituary had been written and the open source community was wailing for Mac developers to PLEASE jump start the project again.

    A VERY HEARTY THANK YOU!!! to all the Mac developers who have given their time to VLC Mac. I could not be more appreciative and amazed at what you’ve accomplished. :mrgreen:

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