Apple patent application reveals 3D eye-tracking interface for gaming and iPhone

“The US Patent & Trademark Office [has] published a patent application from Apple that reveals a hot 3D eye-tracking based interface that will be used for gaming, digital photography and videography, biometrics and surveillance applications while being an OS feature option for iOS devices and Apple’s iMac,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The technology may work in conjunction with Apple’s previous work on 3D which touched on head tracking and unique ambient light features technologies,” Purcher reports. “Apple wowed us earlier this year with a patent which demonstrated that they’re paving the way for a new 3D GUI.”

Purcher reports, “Today’s patent adds fuel to that fire. Apple’s 3D GUI patent trend is really picking up momentum…”

More in the full article, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.


  1. The retina displays are now redefined with retina tracking – cool.

    I’m not a big gamer and yet i do have some understanding that the eye will move about a page of information and fallow edges and jump to corners and colours – all somewhat subliminally – unaware we just do it – Game control done in this manner seems rather tricky and unnecessary.

    – don’t blink – google

    1. Did you read that patent application. Doesn’t sound like Apple is waiting for anything — they’re moving full speed ahead. That was the most comprehensive patent app I’ve ever read. Mind blowing stuff to ensue very shortly I think.

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