Why Apple’s A5 is so big–and iPhone 4 won’t get Siri

“Apple’s A5 processor includes noise-reduction circuitry licensed from a start-up called Audience, and a chip analyst believes that fact resolves an iPhone 4S mystery and explains why the iPhone 4 lacks the Siri voice-control system,” Stephen Shankland reports for CNET.

“Audience revealed details of its Apple partnership in January, when it filed paperwork for an initial public offering (IPO) of stock,” Shankland reports. “Teardown work from iFixit and Chipworks revealed a dedicated Audience chip in the iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4S integrates Audience’s ‘EarSmart’ technology directly into the A5 processor, the company’s S-1 filing said.”

Shankland reports, “Audience also said in its filing that its iPhone 4-era technology was good only when the phone was held near the speaker’s mouth. Audience’s noise-reduction technology built into the iPhone 4S is better, though.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Well, since Siri is in beta, you might guess that Siri will be on iPad 2 since once it is out of beta. It could also be that iPad 2 doesn’t have the Audience tech.

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  2. It also makes sense that just like the iphone 4 had features that weren’t backported to the 3gs. The 4s will have features that won’t get backported to the 4 or 3gs. That is just the way the dice roll…

  3. I don’t know what APPLE HAS DONE to their software offerings. I can NOT get iPhoto to work worth a SHIT on my latest gen of mac mini. A TOTAL TOTAL TOTAL PIECE OF FSCKING SHITE. Come on Apple MFs. Don’t start letting the quality slip like this. The Mac Mini is a COMPLETE POS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruining my day!! I have been a APPLE fan for 30+ years and this newest piece of hardware is SHIT SHIT SHIT. I am starting to doubt that APPLE has the focus to keep all of their stuff up to date. They get the iPad and iPhone feeding them now they think they don’t have to try??? FUSKING garbage is the new MAC MINI. Never have I been so disappointed in a piece of shit like this. Even Winblows is starting to sound appealing over this. WFT Apple, WTF?? Steve would have fired the WHOLE mac mini team if he had the POS I have been trying to make work. It basically isn’t capable of computing and chewing gum at the same time. I have to shut everything else down to run 1 program. Wifes iMac is awesome and works great the MAC MINI SUX SUX SUX. I hate that POS. It is a MF POS!!!!!!! Arghhhhh Apple WTF?? 🙁

    1. If its acting like a big POS take it back and get a new one. Does it never occur to people occasionally a bad one might slip through? It’s amazing what can be accomplished by actually politely addressing the manufacturer. Make a genius appt. easy. Or is that too hard?

    2. @Turd: I’m so confused: Is it iPhoto that is upsetting you or your Mac mini? If the former, YOU have a software or configuration problem. If the latter, it’s either third-party hardware (e.g. RAM) or the Mac mini itself. If it’s the Mac mini itself, take it in for diagnosis and repair.

      In conclusion, arghhhhh Turd WTF??

    3. The first Mac mini I bought was a 1.25 Ghz G4. It’s still in use today. I have since bought 3 more and I’ll likely upgrade to the latest this year. I’m not sorry that Turd is having problems with his mini because he sounds like the kind of person who won’t take any time to learn how to use it’s included software. The mini is fantastic!

      1. My current computer is still the 1.25 G4. Upgraded it myself the day I bought it refurbished to the 7200 harddrive with a whole gig memory. I look forward to my next, but I can still do video, music, web and photos.

    4. Folks: This person posts the same off-topic comment on every story. He either thinks that MDN comment threads are Apple’s complaint mechanism, or he is a troll.

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  4. As an amateur analyst I think the reason it is only on the 4S is due to the way Apple accounts for software costs. Based on this authors logic if it’s the difference of chips why odd the iPad2 not have Siri?

  5. “We intend to make products that other makers can’t simply copy with a software update” – Steve Jobs after buying PA Semi. Since then, Anobit and Intrinsity have been bought for the same reason.

    Every new Apple product now has new features that are baked into the hardware and NOT available to previous versions. It enables Apple to make products that work better, fosters consumer upgrading, locks down (protects) their IP, ensures copycats or jailbreaks won’t work as well, but does so at the expense of backwards compatibility.

    1. The prevailing sentiment of entitlement to new functionality is troublesome. While Apple has a very strong history of upgrading iOS device functionality via software updates, consumers should have no expectation of anything beyond the functions that were available when they purchased a given device. Apple is not obligated to provide functionality upgrades to match the capabilities of newly released iOS devices, even if it is technically possible to do so, unless they promised to do so prior to or at the time of purchase. Consumers should be satisfied as long as the device performs as claimed. To demand that Apple upgrade the functionality of older models of devices and even threaten to go elsewhere in the future is both puerile and unrealistic. No company of which I am aware provides more long term value in its products than Apple.

      I am typing this post on a 2007 Intel C2D iMac 24″ and it seems even more powerful and responsive than when I purchased it over four years ago thanks to two major OS X updates (and my addition of a 2TB HDD to house a growing collection of music, videos, and photos). I generally keep my Macs for at least 5 to 6 years, and this iMac is on track to beat that objective with room to spare. Am I a Mac fan? Damn right, and with good reason!

      If you purchased an iPhone 4, then you have an awesome device that is second only to the iPhone 4S. If you have to have Siri, then sell your 4 and buy a 4S.

  6. Yes it sucks, and yes I do believe Siri will work on the original 4, but Siri is an expensive service supported by Apple’s server farm (and massive R&D) that is free to iPhone 4s users.
    People new Siri was not part of the deal when they purchased their older models.
    If Apple offers it in the future to older devices then that would be a nice gift. If not, well, their device still does everything (and more) than it did when they first purchased it.

    People can always buy a new Android device with an older version OS that never gets updated.

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