These charts will make the Fandroids want to puke

Good Technology has analyzed the mobile devices activated by their thousands of enterprise and government customers over the fourth quarter of 2011.

Whereas the iPad and iPad 2 were the story for most of 2011, in Q411, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 took center stage and strongly dominated activations in the enterprise. The mid-October release of iPhone 4S cause iOS activations to skyrocket month over month. iPad and iPad 2 remained dominant with 94% of activations in Q4, while Android tablets account for 6% of tablet activations.

Good Technology notes that holiday season sales are not reflected in this report as new “Bring your Own Device” (BYOD) purchases in mid-to-late December were most likely activated when workers returned to the office in the new year. Good expects a surge of activations in Q112 as employees bring the phones they received over the holidays into work for the first time.

Good Technology: Top 10 devices Q411

Good Technology: Activations by mobile platform iOS vs. Android Q411

Good Technology: Activations by device type iOS vs. Android Q411

Good Technology: iOS vs. Android Q1-Q4 2011

Read more in the full report (.pdf) here.

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  1. 5 Ways to know if your friend is a true android fan. 

    A true android fan will always…

    – Try to convince people that their phone is just as good as an iPhone.
     (It’s never the other way around) 

    – Use moving wallpapers and screen savers to show people how great their phone is. 

    – Claim that iPhone users are tied to iTunes for music. (Not realizing there are apps that allow you to download free music on iPhones)

    – Brag about free apps for android and make people think that the iPhone has no FREE apps.  

    – Ignore the fact that the iPhone is the top selling phone on all three major US carriers. 

    1. Yup.
      Its even funnier when you have complete strangers come up to you and stick their freshly excreted Samesung in your face and (try) telling you why you`re soo stoopidd.
      Happened to me last week when I was out for pints with friends, some drunken droidtard comes to our table and tried to pull this stunt. Long story short I`m over 6` feet tall and kinda look like an enforcer for the HA. When I stood up to tell him to go take a hike he did so lickety split.

    1. Naaah…its all TVs, oh wait…fridges?…??
      Where ‘do’ all those activations come from(assuming they’re true)? We know exactly where, how many and when with ios but I can’t recollect ever seeing anything about Android activations by region.

  2. Android cant die!!! If it did do you know how many lawyers would be out of work. Unemployment is high enough. Mercedes car sales would really drop. We need the economy perking along.

  3. There’ll be some sort of sophisticated spin put on this by Android philosophers; there always is. I just can’t imagine what it will turn out to be this time. “Look over there!!! A puppy!!!”?

  4. Apple dominating ENTERPRISE. Got to shock Apple more than anyone.

    Remember all those things that helped sell Win PCs in the dark days… like “I just got the computer I have to use at/for work”?

    In mobile, Apple will benefit from this.

    Thank you RIM for being clueless. And the google… “fork Android into whatever you want, we’ll find a way to sell ads” model is the last thing IT wants to deal with. One tablet, one phone, one simple OS, best set of apps running on all of them… embracing MS standards instead of being at war with MS.

    It’s becoming a beautiful world.

    I read this quote about a year ago. You have to be seriously old to remember where it came from… it was once said about IBM

    “Nobody ever gets fired for buying Apple.”

    1. I read this quote about a year ago. You have to be seriously old to remember where it came from… it was once said about IBM

      “Nobody ever gets fired for buying Apple.”

      I am NOT seriously OLD you young twit…

  5. I wonder why the HTC Rezound and Galaxy Nexus isn’t in the list? They were the newest and latest phones released in that time frame. Must have not have did as good as they hoped?

  6. Wow, real narrow sited views here. I think my GS2 is fantastic, and the screen on it is amazing. I love the iphone I have had every one but the 4s, (wasnt that great of an update). I was pissed when the 4s didnt come out on time, so I got a GS2. After using both, I simply dont think I can ever go back to the iphone, not with 3.5″ screen. I like both, I dont knock iOS or android, since they both have strong pros and cons. People should stop being so narrow minded. On that note, as soon as the iPhone has a 4″ bright vibrant, colorful, high res screen, and allows me to add pictures of my wife and child on my home scree…. I’ll buy it 🙂

    1. To each their own. My problem with all the android handset makers is lack of manufacturer`s accountability. If/when said manufacturers can reliably provide me with 2 years of OS updates (which Apple seems to do) I may consider the platform. Until then, I`m not interested.
      Enjoy your phone.

    2. Hmmm, with iOS 5, you can add whatever pics you have to your home and lock screens or even different pics for either one…as for a 4″ screen, as long as the phone size stays the same…

    3. Narrow sited? Does that mean near-sighted? or narrow? Even if it’s accidental, I like that phrase!

      My own narrow sited view is that I would not want to see those pictures of your wife and child on your home scree.

      I don’t care for the sight of blood. But at least you didn’t say home talus. That would have confused chew.

      1. Actually narrow sited is a commonly used term, unfortunately I do not think it means what he thinks it means.
        Narrow sited is used to refer to a peice of property (building lot) that has an extreme aspect ratio. This is typical where a group of lots border a highly desirable landscape or feature and they want to maximise the number of lots with access to that feature. (common in beach or lakefront lots.)

        So I can only assume he is saying that being an Apple fan is a lot like owning a beach house in Carmel or Malibu, narrow sited. 😉

    4. I have a GSII from Sprint. Aside from having a larger screen there is no way it looks better than my 4s.
      I also have a Wp7Titan from ATT and an unlocked Galaxy Nexus.
      In general I find Android to be a mess. ICS is not a unified UI.
      If I had to put all my phones in order of choice I would have to go with the iPhone first, then the Titan and the Nexus with the GSII dead last.

      1. I Would have to agree with you with that one.

        I used a Nexus One for a good one year now and iPhone 3GS for the same period.

        It used to be N1 on 2.2 as my main phone and 3GS ios 4.2 as my backup simless aka iPhone Touch

        Guess which one start lagging badly after all the latest update
        After Android 2.3 and ios 5

        the one from Google seems to have update after update for all its apps… sick and tired of it.

        Sorry I to say, iPhone will be my first choice phone
        Android as my backup.

        I normally leave my backup phone Simless… errr aka Android Touch devices.

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