New Motorola lawsuit alleges Apple’s iPhone 4S and iCloud infringe on their patents

“According to court documents, Motorola has launched their second patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in Miami, Florida,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“In Motorola’s new complaint they claim that Apple is infringing on six additional patents ranging from concealing an external antenna on a cell phone on through to a wireless messaging system,” Purcher reports. “Motorola is mainly focusing on Apple’s iPhone 4S smartphone and iCloud services as being the product and service infringing on their patents.”

Purcher reports, “The official complaint states that ‘Motorola Mobility brings this action against Apple to seek remedies for Apple’s infringement of U.S. Patents 5,710,987 (‘the ‘987 patent’), 5,574,119 (‘the ‘119 patent’), 5,958,006 (‘the ‘006 patent’), 6,101,531 (‘the ‘531 patent’), 6,008,737 (‘the ‘737 patent’), and 6,377,161 (‘the ‘161 patent’) (together, ‘the Asserted Patents’).'”

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  1. FOX Business News got his part of the same story wrong:

    “Google’s Android mobile software has emerged as a significant rival to Apple’s iOS platform used to power the iPhone and other devices.”

    I fixed it for them:

    “Google’s Android mobile software has emerged as a significant [ripoff of] Apple’s iOS platform used to power the iPhone and other devices.”

  2. Fandroids have great fun laughing at Apple spending $100,000.00 suing Android phone manufacturers and getting virtually nowhere so far.

    They forget Google paid 12 Billion for a money loser just so they could counter sue Apple.

    Who’s laughing now?

    1. and getting virtually nowhere so far

      NO. You need to keep up with the news. There are ups and downs. However, Apple has royally screwed Samsung in both Australia and Europe, among others. Other Apple successes remain pending. I don’t see this as a stalemate or losing process at all.

      Also, you’ll notice that the OtherPad and OtherPhone companies are desperately trying to avoid further stealing of Apple patents. Just this week we learned about SameSung’s marketing-moron in charge chattering that they are going to reinstate the tablet pen and attempt 3-D gestures using their front-facing camera. I can’t stop laughing.

      You don’t have to win the lawsuit to permanently damage a competitor’s testicles.

      The whole idea is to get your competitors off your innovation teat and onto their own, if they have one. Samesung obviously does not. Motorola used to, but sold it off. Darn.

  3. ¡Qué fastidio! What a nuisance! Or whatever is called! Every feature Apple brings up in full implementation is challenged with suit by a lazy company that hasn’t done anything with the supposed patent. we all are a bunch of fools! We should have patented a lot of common sense things and became rich suing everybody else.

  4. Motorola got run over by Apple and with Google behind them with hordes of cash, they’re going to pound Apple on an ongoing basis. Now that Google is the one throwing their patent weight around, where are the android critics now? They bitched about Apple left, right and center. I guess it’s okay to sue if you’re Google. Hypocrites.

    I’d like to see Apple win a big case against Google. Does Tim Cook have the stomach to continues Steve Jobs wishes to go all in war with Google? I’m not so sure.

    1. PLEASE Google! Sue the hell out of Apple! With all the massive cash you have coming in from Android (hahahahaha!) you have no end of resources for paying your lawyers!

      There’s a black hole of lawyers who’d LOVE to eat Google cash!

  5. Well, the antenna one falls flat on its ass right from the start; the 4/4S phones antenna are clearly seen as part of the phone’s external frame, so how can that be construed as ‘concealed’
    And surely the ‘Wireless Messaging Service’, which is common to all cellphones, would come under FRAND?
    Sending stuff to iCloud isn’t strictly ‘messaging’ anyway.
    Grasping desperately at straws, methinks…

    1. My prediction. MMI miisses big on earnings, GOOG looks for an exit to the deal as MMI becomes irrelevant. EU failing to approve merger is way out. This was Eric the Mole’s deal. He wanted the MMI patents to cover his a$$ on the Apple IP theft. MMI’s patents are worthless in fighting off ORCL’s patent litigation against GOOG.

  6. Maybe I am a sucker for posting this here but nothing ventured nothing gained.

    So it is okay for Apple to patent the screen bouncing when you scroll to the end, but it is wrong for a company to patent, say an internal antenna when everyone at the time was making antennas external? These lawsuits cannot be silly for one but not the other. You either support innovation and protection of ideas or you chastize them both for the whole circus. Don’t be biased.

    1. There is a difference when you innovate something unique to your product, to sueing over patent that you didn’t invent, that everyone else is using for decades for the sole purpose trying to get away with ripping off others patented innovation.

      1. That is not applicable; if a company did not invent it then the patent itself could be challenged.

        If these companies are being awarded these patents and you support protecting ideas then do not be surprised when you have a circus. The whole sector is now a circus.

  7. By the time all of these patent suits are all sorted out, we’ll be on to the iImplant with thought activation.

    Nintendo will probably claim that patent, so then we’ll have another round of “Apple should buy Nintendo” rumors.

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