Samsung cuts price on Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Canada

“Research In Motion has been selling its PlayBook for up to 60% off its original retail price for several months now (all the while insisting it’s a limited time offer) in an effort to keep units selling in the face of Apple’s popular iPad,” Knowlton Thomas reports for Techvibes.

“Now, Samsung has decided that in order to drive sales, it has to undercut Apple’s pricing too,” Thomas reports. “The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 was recently added to Future Shop and Best Buy stores in a 32GB model (the 16GB has been around for quite some time already). They priced the 32GB model at $499—the original price of the 16GB—and dropped the 16GB by an even $100, down to $399.”

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MacDailyNews Note: If price is your major concern, don’t settle for a pretend iPad without an ecosystem, just get an Apple Certified Refurbished iPad starting at $419 (US) at the U.S. Apple Online Store with free shipping. They are as good as new. Canadians: Apple Certified Refurbished iPad also starting at $419 (CAN) at Apple Online Store – Canada with free shipping.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dow C.” for the heads up.]


  1. They were making just a little money per unit. Now they will be making nothing, or maybe even losing money with each unit sold. Serves the plagiarizing bastards right. And I just bought a Mitsubishi TV (instead of the Samsung I was planning onbuying earlier).

    1. Same here, when I bought a new HDTV back in September I went for the Mitsubishi over the Samsung because I just couldn’t bring myself to give those jackasses at Samsung any of my money.

    1. Linux.

      I think it can now support 128 Cores, but still fails to serve up glitch free flash or HTML5 in full screen.

      Total failure of an operating system for the ordinary user (sure, it has its uses, but whatever it will do on a tablet, it won’t do well)

  2. All of the ‘Otherpad’ manufacturers are going to have to resort to having fire-sales in order to compete with the iPad. period.

    Expect to see more of this kind of crap so OEM’s can claim that they’re ‘moving huge numbers’ of their iPad wannabes.

    Smoke & mirrors…

      1. That …. and only utter the name “Android” twice on its product page (out of over 2000 words on that page). The first mention of “Android” is within a “What Others Are Saying” section a bit more that 1/2 way down the page.

        I believe Amazon Fire users, for the most part, have no idea they are getting an Android tablet

  3. iPad is the ONLY profitable tablet computer. All the others need “fire sale” pricing to move inventory (loses money), OR they are sold at a loss “by design” (Kindle Fire).

    Apple’s tablet competition cannot continue to lose money indefinitely. If Amazon’s Kindle Fire “profit from selling content” strategy actually works (or even breaks even), that’s very bad news for iPad’s competition. It means they can’t beat iPad directly, because no one wants to pay iPad’s price for a fake iPad, and they can’t go for low end with a lesser product (by dropping the price by $100 or even $200), because Kindle Fire is sitting there at $199.

    If there’s no way to profit, they will (one by one) give up.

  4. I actually heard some tools in ‘The Source’ (Radio Shack) telling people the Galaxy Tab was better than the iPad. Probably because they weren’t authorized to sell iPads. Pfft.

    I asked for the AppleTV and they urged me to get a Roku box.

  5. The same copycat-pad strategy worked out grand for the Xoon and Touchpad.

    Samsung is doing the right thing here by depleting resources as well as damaging their brand image all for a chance at a minuscule profit. Keep this business plan going and they’ll soon be following kodak.

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