PIPA, SOPA bills postponed after protests

“Both Congress and the Senate have delayed votes on their joint controversial Senate majority leader Harry Reid has stated that he decided to at least delay the vote on the controversial Protect IP Act (PIPA). He explained it as a reaction to ‘recent events,’ a euphemism for the widescale protests that turned numerous Senators against the bill,” Electronista reports.

“He didn’t give an estimate as to when the bill might get a new vote, if at all, suggesting to some that the postponement was a pretext for backing away without appearing to drop the bill too quickly to its MPAA and RIAA backers,” Electronista reports. “Congressman Lamar Smith, the primary supporter of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), has simultaneously decided to “postpone consideration” until a point at which there was a “wider agreement” on ending piracy. Like Reid, Smith didn’t have a timetable for any resumption or a definition of what that agreement would be.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pass this bill 2-3 days before Christmas. The best time to do it when people won’t notice things because they are too busy with holiday cheer. Just like the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 after it was opposed by American consensus 3x before that.

  2. Oh don’t you poor folks worry. You govonment knows just what to do. They’ll pass that ting later when nobody’s watching. Just like that good’ol Homeland Security.

    1. It is likely that they’ll change it. I would guess, the change will be in the name; they’ll call it something extremely American and patriotic (perhaps The Patriot Act; no, that one is already taken; well, then something to that effect). That way most of the ignorant folk would instinctively be for it, because it is, after all, patriotic (just like the original Patriot Act…).

  3. *Sigh* I hate to nit pick, but the Senate is PART of Congress. Congress is comprised of the Senate and the House of Representitives, Congress doesn’t do anything, the House or the Senate do things. Sad state of affairs when My fellow Americans don’t know the basics of our governmental structure.

    1. *Sigh* I hate to nitpick, but the people in the senate are called Senators, the people in the House of representatives are called congressmen (or congresswomen, or even congressperson).

      YES, congress is the combination of the House of reps and the senators, so why aren’t the reps just called reps? Specifically calling the reps congressmen sets up the very confusing situation where all reps are congressmen, but not all congressmen are reps, some are senators. Could it be any more mangled?

      Can’t hardly be too mad or place too much blame on people for clear as mud naming conventions that are in place.

      1. If Congressxxxx were called “Representatives”, then they would have to actually represent the people who put them into office. That would really upset the balance of things. 😉

  4. In the immortal words of Yesterday’s Enterprise’s Jean Luc,

    “Not good enough damn it, not good enough”

    Postponed my white fat hairy backside, make it go away forever, kill it dead, then kill it again just to be sure.

  5. I’ll bet that, if he were still alive, Steve Jobs would oppose SOPA and PIPA. It’s pretty much the same idea as DRM – they think that they’re stopping people from pirating or sharing songs, but it does next to nothing. The only thing is that SOPA and PIPA are worse. They could put many innocent people in jail, and while it may seem like I’m whacking it when it’s already dead – it’s just playing possum.

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