Lenovo CEO: Apple iPad is winning in ‘niche’ tablet market

“Lenovo Group Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Yang Yuanqing said there’s scant room for growth in the tablet market, and that devices running Google Inc. software — including his company’s machines — will keep trailing the iPad,” Douglas MacMillan reports for Bloomberg.

“‘“Tablets will not replace the traditional’ personal computer, Yang said in an interview yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. ‘The traditional PC is changing to adapt to the customer requirements. The tablet is an extra market for some niche customers,'” MacMillan reports. “While Lenovo makes tablets, it’s also an early entrant into the market for so-called ultrabooks, a term coined by Intel Corp. to describe light, thin laptops. A year after tablets dominated much of the talk at CES, computer makers used press briefings and erected elaborate booths to focus show-goers’ attention on the newer category of slim PCs. ‘This will become a trend to replace part of the notebook market,’ Yang said of ultra books.”

MacMillan reports, “Apple’s iPad controls more than 65 percent of the worldwide market for tablets, according to Framingham, Massachusetts-based researcher IDC. Google’s Android tablets, including Lenovo’s IdeaPad A1, represent 32 percent of all tablet sales. ‘Apple is the leader,’ Yang said. ‘For the Android ecosystem, we still need to learn something, we still need to improve something.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s MacBook Air is also winning in the “niche” ultrabook market, which, as with tablets, is yet another market that Apple invented. Creating entirely new markets that spawn myriad slavish copiers, hapless followers, and assorted steamrolled roadkill is something Lenovo has never done and, with current limited-vision leadership, obviously never will.

And, oh-by-the-way, Mr. Yang Yuanqin talks out of his Ying-Yang:

Global computing marketshare including and excluding iPad

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  1. Yeah sure, that’s one hell of a “niche” market considering they’ve sold well in excess of 50 million iPads now since they were first launched just 21 months ago! This clown has to get the early award for most clueless CEO of the year and we’re only 2 weeks into 2012. Nice job Lenovo!

  2. Yang is wrong! The iPad is becoming the MOST Personal of personal computers. The iPad market will obliterate the need for most desktop computers. Desktop computers will once again become ‘Workstations.’ The MacBook Air market will become the platform of choice for those using a keyboard extensively and require portability. iPhones will also become increasingly useful. Gee, it looks like there is a ‘Mac Market’ and an ‘Also Ran’ market.

  3. Yang said. ‘For the Android ecosystem, we still need to learn something, we still need to improve something.’

    But we are clueless on what that Something is! Apple will not show us what to do, and we cannot figure it out. 😛

    1. Actually, Apple does show them what to do, but by the time they see it, in the form of an Apple product readily available, it’s too late. The puck, as they say, has moved on.

  4. I feel that this kind of declarations is more for Mr. Yang Yuanqing’s peace of mind and to try to convince his own staff. He WANTED that the market be like he said. However, he is a minor player in innovation and creativity, including the creativity in declarations.
    And more and more I am convinced that the Reality Distortion Field is elsewhere excepts in Steve Jobs life and that he was the only one that really see the present and future and the other computer companies have a distortion of reality.
    Or, maybe, my mother was right: Life is like a box full of chocolates. You don´t know which one will you get, except for SJ, he knew which to choose.

    Shit Happens®, all the time.

  5. “Lenovo Group Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Yang Yuanqing said there’s scant room for growth in the tablet market, and that devices running Google Inc. software — including his company’s machines — will keep trailing the iPad…”

    I’ll bet that Google management were not pleased with that quote!

    Regarding the sales chart – I would like to see the iPad numbers incorporated from the original release of the device, not just the latest quarter. And why not toss in the Android tablet numbers, too. It wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    1. “Regarding the sales chart”

      The chart shows only the top 5 computer manufacturers in the world. The totals of all 5 is only around 65%.

      The point of the chart is to show Apple with and without counting the iPad at the end of 2011. The effect is very dramatic.

      You would need two separate charts to show the differences over more than one point in time.

      The big thing is, the idiots who don’t show Apple numbers with iPad included on the excuse that iPad is a media tablet, are being paid to do it that way.

      With Ballmer yelling tablets are PCs at the top of his lungs and his company having the most to lose, I think a lot of Microsoft money has been spread around to make the Windows numbers look good.

  6. Apple is in a niche. There is only one company in the PC Market that is growing and highly profitable. The bulk of the industry is floundering about wondering where they might make profits in the future.

  7. By ‘niche’ he means, doctors, schools, lawyers, hotels, restaurants, hair salons, airlines, engineers, graphic designers, film makers, parents, senior citizens, healthcare, retail…

    Definitely a niche.

    I think what really needs to be discussed is that perhaps iPads are just computers and by defining them differently, we are making disparity where there is none (or little). In all honesty, on a daily basis I don’t use my “traditional” computer unless I am editing or doing power-hungry work. Otherwise my iPad and/or iPhone is just about everything I need.

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