Four great Mac OS X services you don’t know about

“Once you know the basics about services, OS X’s underused shortcuts, your next question is inevitably: Where can I find more? You can add — and even create — your own services,” Kirk McElhearn reports for

Here are four of the best:
1. DevonTechnologies’ WordService
2. DevonTechnologies’ CalcService
3. MacAutomation’s Finder services
4. Your own custom-made services

Read more in the full article here.


    1. WTF are you talking about?!?!?! Of course this is something they should post! Looking it over, it seems to be very useful relevant information that, my guess, very few people even know about.

      1. I’ve been a Mac user since ’84, and all I knew about services was that the related to apps I had installed. Didn’t know there were services that you could add from other sources that weren’t apps.

        So yeah, this was a useful posting.

  1. I never use them, so I forget they exist. This is a good reminder…

    I just highlighted some text in Safari, just to see what related Services are already installed. There’s one called “Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track.” Does that come pre-installed, because I don’t remember adding it? It’s very cool… highlight any text in any app, such as the text of a news article, and select that Services command. It uses Text-to-Speech to create an audio file from the selected text, ready to play in iTunes.

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