CES 2012: Klipsch goes all in on Apple’s Airplay

“‘We feel like Airplay is going to be the next media,’ Product Manager Gavin Reeg said during Klipsch’s 30 minute press event,” Erfon Elijah reports for Cult of Mac. “Then it was VP of Product Development Mark Casavant’s turn (pictured above), and he made it very clear: their future is in Apple’s Airplay.”

“Klipsch is moving to support Airplay in many (if not all) of the Audio Systems they release in the next 9-12 months, and are also seriously considering adding support to other product lines they own, such as the Energy brand,” Elijah reports.

“As an iPhone user, I like that audio companies are finally integrating Airplay support into their products. I’m carrying Spotify and my iTunes collection with me everywhere I go, and before Airplay, if I wanted to hear my music without using headphones, it meant I had to dock or tether my iPhone to something with a wire. I hate doing that,” Elijah reports. “Headphones; speakers; Apple TV; Airplay is fantastic because I get to easily point where my music should be playing. Plus, I still get to keep my iPhone where it I like it: in my pocket.”

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    1. Airport express plugged into a small stereo power amp?

      You can get a small amp like a 30W/Ch Pyle for as little as $30 on amazon or up to… well, the sky’s the limit. (Some “esoteric” audiophile power amp go upwards of $3K) But reasonably you can get a high quality high powered amp for a couple hundred.

      1. Right, but I think the idea with Griffin is portability and better stereo separation into the speakers of your choice.

        Of course, the problem is still going to be power (AC).
        I bought a small AC/DC amp that can be used with an iPod via 1/8″ stereo cable and some cheap speakers that sound better than most of these boom boxes (but doesn’t look near as good).

        I could also plug my Airport Express into it when around power.

        1. I think that a cheap low power amp is all that the griffon is. (it requires and airport express to function, essentially identical (though likely much more costly) to the $30 Pyle stereo power amp + Airport Express I suggested)

  1. My iW1 worked fine with my MBP, iPad and iPhone 4 using AirPlay. When I upgraded to an iPhone 4s none of the devices worked with the speaker, constant disconnects. iHome blames Apple and says not to use the iPhone 4s with the speakers until there is a fix from Apple. This has been a couple of months now and no resolution.

    1. I find it hard to believe that all of your devices failed since you got the iPhone4s. I dont doubt it doesnt work for you, but how could the iPhone4s cause the rest of the components to stop working. What happens when you turn off the iPhone4s? If you turn it off and the rest start working, then this is very odd. Or did it happen with the upgrade to iOS?

  2. You can also just plug in the AE into the back of a receiver in the unswitched outlet, run the mini cord to an open input and you got yourself an airplay equipped receiver. This shit ain’t rocket science. I mean, if you have quality speakers wouldn’t you want to make the best use of these and power them with a real component?

  3. My 2012 Mercedes supports AirPlay.

    I’ve never seen it labeled as such, but it streams wirelessly over Bluetooth, while being controlled from the head unit.

    Apple integration is deeply embedded in these cars.

    If I need a charge, I can just open up the center console and plug into the iPod connector.

    It’s all very cool the way it just works. 

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