China Unicom offering free iPhone 4S with multiyear contract

“China United Network Communications Group, the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier, will give users an Apple Inc. iPhone 4S if they sign multiyear service contracts costing as little as 286 yuan ($45) a month,” Bloomberg News.

“The promotion starting Jan. 13 offers a 32-gigabyte model with a three-year plan, while a commitment to two years for a monthly fee of 386 yuan allows users to get the 16-gigabyte model, the company known as China Unicom said in a statement on its website yesterday,” Bloomberg News. “China Unicom, the only one of the nation’s three carriers offering the iPhone with a service contract, is using the handset to woo high-end subscribers who play games and watch online videos using their phones. The user growth comes at a price as Unicom’s 3G subsidy costs in the first half of 2011 ballooned almost fourfold, driven by support for the iPhone.”

Bloomberg News, “The iPhone 4S features a virtual personal assistant called Siri that uses voice-recognition software. That feature prompts owners to use almost twice as much data as the device’s predecessors, network firm Arieso Ltd. estimates. While Siri currently functions only in English, French and German, Apple has pledged to make a Chinese-language version available this year, according to a statement on its website.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Recall that Apple’s chief iPhone assembler is adding capacity for 50-60 million additional iPhones a year at a single plant:

      Apple’s production and revenue numbers 1-2 years from today will be enormous!

      1. Apple is upping the iPhone production everywhere they can. Remember the new Brazil facility?

        “A Visit to Foxconn’s Not-So-Secret iPhone Factory in Brazil ”

        I expect to hear Apple report again this quarter with their, “We could have sold more if we could have made more”.

        I also read that Apple set up a chip facility in Texas to make the A5 cpu chips used in their iOS devices. I read that it is the size of 9 football fields.

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    1. Recognizing racial stereotypes is not racism, it’s observation. Most Chinese people say “R” for “L”. Many Spanish people add and “e” before words that begin with an s. A majority ofRussian people substitute our “w” sound for “v”. Black people often speak with a southern-type accent, even when they’re not from the south. Noticing trends in speech or behavior does not make one racist. And ignoring them and acting as though they do not exist does not make you enlightened or more tolerant or inclusive.

  1. LOL…that’s the same thing I see every time.

    Every article I’m like “Oh man, I need to know more about this Chinese unicorn…”

    Disappointment every single time =[

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