UBS says its 30 million Apple iPhone estimate for Q4 may have upside

Citing Verizon’s recent announcement that it sold 4.2 million iPhone units in Q4 2011, UBS today said that figure was above their estimate of 4 million units.

Verizon’s strong iPhone unit sales number is consistent with AT&T’s, UBS stated, while saying that there could be upside to its 30 million unit iPhone estimate for the 2011 holiday quarter.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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    1. … SNAFU? Situation Normal, All Fouled Up? Apple has been intentionally low-balling its guidance since forever, and the analysts have been offering more reasonable – still low – targets for, at least, the past decade and a half, yet should Apple miss even a PART of those higher guesstimates … BOOM!
      The big boys say “total sales were high but desktop sales were low” and they sell near the top. The price drops. They buy back in at a lower price point. And we, who missed the top. And didn’t have the funds to get back in near the bottom. Are shocked. Shocked! I say! At their behavior.

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