Steve Jobs’ son did his father proud on TV game show; says he wants to become an oncologist

“Visionary Apple founder Steve Jobs was reluctant to discuss his family, leaving some to speculate that he had neglected his personal life in favour of his career,” Hugo Gye reports for The Mail Online.

“But a video has emerged which shows that his son is following in his famous father’s footsteps, outshining his schoolmates on a TV quiz show,” Gye reports. “And Reed Jobs appears to have been inspired by his father’s struggle with cancer, as he proclaims his wish to become an oncologist.”

Gye reports, “Reed appeared on Quiz Kids, a public-access show broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area, last year, when he was a high school senior. He used the name ‘Reed Powell,’ adopting his mother’s maiden name in order to keep a low profile.”

“Reed, now 20 and a student at Stanford, also showed how his father had affected him when he told the host of Quiz Kids what he was working on at school,” Gye reports. “‘We’re trying to find some new genes for colon cancer,’ he said, ‘which would signal for susceptibility to that disease.’ He added that he hoped to have a career as an oncologist – which would enable him to save others from the disease which killed his father at the age of 56.”

More info, photos, and video in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Alex” for the heads up.]


        1. Well put. People seem to think that in order to have “given” anything to the world, you HAVE to do it through a charity. Jobs, though Apple, gave the world more than it seems to realize. This whole notion of charity being the only way for wealthy people to give seems pretty narrow-sighted.

      1. Most charitable organizations are at best a waste of money and at worst a horrible blight. Many of them have a well paid staff who spend most of their time raising money so that they can continue to exist. Very few actually volunteer their time. Charity often creates a group of ‘beneficiaries’ who are made dependent on handouts having their self worth destroyed in the process.

        I advocate using your time well in the service of mankind and Steve Jobs did that to the highest degree his capacity would allow.

        1. +1

          Well said and very close to the truth. I’d rather give a buck or two to the guy panhandling on the street corner than drop a penny in United Way’s pockets (or any of the others). I help by finding some temporary unemployed dude to help me pain or remove brush and paying him $15 an hour plus coffee or pop. You’d be surprised to find them dropping by a year later after landing a job, bring a bag of home-grown vegetables in appreciation.

          Sorry to stray off topic but organized charity is as bad as, well, I won’t go down that road in this forum.

      2. SJ was not a philanthropist or an altruist…

        And your evidence is, RevDrX?

        A philanthropist is someone who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. My understanding is that SJ gave money anonymously, and I suspect that some of those donations were quite generous. Therefore, SJ is a philanthropist by definition, although not a public one.

        I don’t know enough about SJ to judge his level of altruism. I seriously doubt that you do, either. Alltruism is the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. Whether or not SJ was “selfless” is unclear to me. But he put a whole lot of time and effort into developing great tools for a large number of people. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      3. Bill Gates did not give significantly until his retirement. How much have any of us on this discussion given? Large or small? Steve jobs died too early to inspire opinion on this subject. You can bet his accountants had Jobs donating a good bit to keep up with taxes. I am sure Jobs did not donate wily nilly. He was sure to have strong opinions on who should get his charity.

  1. Also, don’t fuck your best business buddy.
    Don’t abandon your first born kid
    Don’t lie like a dog to the police and say you are sterile when you are not
    Don’t screw American taxpayers by backdating options
    Don’t use LSD. When you buy it, you finance other people’s death
    If you have kids, spend time with them and don’t use a book to tell them about you.
    Be there for your kids.
    Be generous with your wealth, and don’t go to the grave a billionaire

    Learn these lessons that daddy did not. Then you’ll be OK.

    1. Talk is cheap buddy, you have no clue what went on behind the scenes.
      Show me a perfect person and I’ll show you a lier and a cheat that takes no responsibility for there actions.

      And considering all those things are when he was younger and still learning, pointing a finger is so easy, but he corrected those things later on.

      I’ll bet you have skeletons in your closet also “x” so tread very carefully judging others and playing God, it will bite you in the ass eventually.

      1. Shut up, diarrhea mouth, you talk too much. Go worship liars, cheaters, druggies, child abandoners, tax cheats elsewhere. Obviously you are an entitlement generation loser and aplogist.

        1. Not very well educated are you “x”.

          Troll all you want, we see them here on MDN from time to time and your just another in a endless fountain of misguided fools.

          Just because you want to start a flame war, doesn’t mean everyone else is going to join in on your remarks, but as others have put it, your standing alone, enjoy your own little world of hate and unforgiving God like notions of grandeur.

          Have a nice day.

    2. lol!

      did Steve Jobs run over your dog?

      I can understand FANs paying attention to Jobs because he gave them products they enjoy immensely, but for you a Hater to spend so much time on him and the hysterical tone of your rant ..

      man you are more disturbed than Jobs ever was.

    3. “Don’t use LSD. When you buy it, you finance other people’s death”

      Prove it @sshole. LSD isn’t Heroin, Cocaine or cartel brick. It comes from colleges actually. Usually pharmacist/chemist students making it to earn some money while in school.

    4. Many of the same things could be said of John Lennon, who also made a lot of corrections later in his life. Sometimes people changing the world don’t have time to think a few other things through very logically at the time. Esp. since BOTH men had a LOT of uber fame and high pressure thrown at them at a very young age.

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