TheStreet’s top tech stories of 2011

“When isn’t it an exciting year for the tech sector? From the launch of the iPad 2 to Netflix’ graceless dive, here is a look back at the top stories by month for 2011,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet.

• January: Microsoft announces Windows 8 will run on ARM chips
• February: Verizon starts selling Apple’s iPhone
• March: iPad 2 launch; AT&T bids for T-Mobile
• April: RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook launches (and flops)
• May: Microsoft buys Skype, LinkedIn goes public
• June: Pandora IPO
• July: Netflix announces price hikes
• August: Google announces Motorola Mobility acquisition
• September: HP names Meg Whitman new CEO
• October: iPhone 4S launch, Steve Jobs passes away
• November: Amazon Kindle Fire is launched
• December: AT&T gives up T-Mobile

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