Apple’s Newsstand really was a present for publishers

“When Apple launched its Newsstand feature in iTunes this fall, the idea was that giving newspaper and magazine publishers their own dedicated shelf space — for those who signed on to Apple’s subscription program – would boost sales,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“And perhaps it has. After the feature launched in October, there were a flurry of press releases and reports about increases in downloads and activity, though every report I saw listed percentage increases, not actual numbers,” Kafka reports. But here are some…”

Kafka reports, “The jump you see in the second week of October corresponds with the launch of Newsstand.”

Read more, and see the chart, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Newsstand is a feature of iOS 5, not iTunes, that organizes your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions al in one place.

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    1. yeah cause it’s a “folder” itself.

      I stuffed it on my last page on my iPhone and iPad. At least it makes my background easier to show someone if they want to see it without the icons lol.

      I don’t use Newsstand myself. I may someday, but not now.

    1. “Over-priced” is magazine publishing’s middle name. Did it ever make sense to charge $5 for magazines full of paid advertising? They must think consumers are really stupid. Come to think of it, they’re right.

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