Steve Jobs’ truly stunning legacy and the tech lessons of 2011

“We learned a few things in 2011 about the industry Steve Jobs left behind,” Jim Kerstetter reports for CNET.

“We learned that tech is more resilient, more dynamic than the overall economy. OK, maybe we already knew that, but it’s a lesson that was certainly reinforced,” Kerstetter reports. “We learned that innovation has truly passed from the desktop to what fits in your hand. And we learned those folks at Sun Microsystems were right, if more than a few years too early: The network really is the computer; we just call it the cloud now. And your data, your music, and your life are moving there.”

Kerstetter reports, “Most importantly, we learned the high-tech world can take a step back and reflect when a true pioneer dies. On Oct. 5, we received word that Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, a man who had a turn-everything-on-its-head impact on three industries (or more), died from the pancreatic cancer he had fought for years. You can’t overstate Jobs’ impact on the tech market; hell, on America. He was the Henry Ford of the microprocessor, a master craftsman, an obsessive devotee to detail and a belief that people want quality. Forced out of the company he founded only to return a few years later to save it, he also proved that in business there can be, in fact, the occasional second act.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Looking back through the years at all of the innovations that Steve Jobs shepherded to market is as ridiculous as perusing Steven Speilberg’s filmography.


  1. In fact, Steve Jobs had one single vision he kept for 30 years: Compact, capable, connected computing.

    A one trick pony that took 3 decades to implement using a will strong enough to overcome gigantic amounts of pessimism.

    1. It took 30 years for the technology to approach the vision. He was actually quite fortunate. Many visionaries come before their time and are able to realize only a small portion of their dreams. Da Vinci for example.

  2. Steve (RIP) was a visionary, a step a big step ahead than any other Corporation. He changed the Mobile industry, the amazing iPhone, iPod MP3, iPad and the Mac line.
    People laughed when Steve announced the iPad, most thought he was out his mind….. No market for it!!
    Steve changed how we compute….. Who’s laughing now.
    Kudos to Steve and his team…… Anxiously awaiting next iPad and iPhone.

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