German court leans toward letting Samsung distribute Galaxy Tab 10.1 N

“A German court rejected Apple’s claims that Samsung Electronics’ reworked tablet PC still looks like a copycat version of the iPad, in a preliminary assessment,” Reuters reports.

“‘According to the court’s assessment, the defendant has moved away sufficiently from the legally protected design,’ Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann said in court on Thursday,” Reuters reports. “Brueckner-Hofmann added that a ruling was slated for Feb. 9.”

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Reuters reports, “n response to an earlier court ruling in Apple’s favour, Samsung had redesigned its Galaxy Tab 10.1 for the German market only and named it Galaxy Tab 10.1N. But Apple challenged the reworked version as well, seeking an injunction that would ban Samsung from marketing the product in Europe’s largest consumer market.”

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  1. If this is an indication of Jobs’ Thermonuclear War against Fandroid Theftware, the war is over and Google won. I didn’t say it should be that way, just that it looks like it.

    Google, like Microsoft before it, will essentially get away with massive theft of IP and pay a small pitance for it’s crimes even as it destroys billions in potential revenue for the rightful owners of the technologies. The patent system and the legal recourse is a joke.

    1. Perhaps not. The lawsuits began about 2010. So far, Android/Google is being sued by Apple, Oracle, Microsoft to name the larger organizations.

      Though Apple has won a few of the significant lawsuits so far presented, they are able to push Samsung, HTC to modify their GUI.

      However Android/Google still have to contend with Microsoft and Oracle. Google has been busy stealing from everyone it seems.

      It is like the Allies vs. the Evil Axis all over again.

  2. MDN you missed the Judge’s quote that to me which may be as good as a victory by Apple.

    The Judge reportedly said in the Appleinsider article:
    “Consumers are well aware that there is an original and that competitors try to use similar designs, so buyers are vigilant when looking at products,” the judge reportedly said. “We don’t think that someone buys a Samsung to make his table neighbor at the coffee house believe he owns an iPad.”

    My take is the Judge was saying that no one will mistake Samsung’s generic copy for a real iPad. Samsung users are not going to get coffee shoppers to believe that a Samsung is as good as the original- The iPad.😄

    I think when people read what the Judge said it may depress sales of Samsung.

  3. No one wants to buy a fake iPad that costs as much as a real iPad. And no one wants to buy a fake iPad that costs more than a Kindle Fire.

    iPad copiers… get comfortable between that rock and a hard place.

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