Phishing scam targets MobileMe subscribers

“There’s a new phishing scam targeting Apple’s MobileMe customers,” Bryan Chaffin reports for The Mac Observer.

“The scam attempts to get users to send their MobileMe login information—which for some customers is the same as their iTunes account—by posing as a spoofed letter from Internet service providers,” Chaffin reports. “In this case, the bad guys are hoping that users will reply to an email with their MobileMe login information.”

Chaffin reports, “We’ve seen an example with SBC as the sender, and there’s another example online from December 14th that purports to be from Frontier Communications.”

More info, including a sample email, the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


  1. I thought I had a phishing scam today… From iTunes.
    Apple sent me an email saying I won a contest and was gifted an app (dark meadow I think)
    I was sure it was a scam… It was legit. I finally remembered I did enter to win a MacBook a few weeks back, I got the “you lost” email later from the site telling me I was one of like 50 that got the free app.

    Always be careful with stuff like that folks.

  2. I only give out bank information to Nigerian Princes who email me about inheritance issues. I figure, if someone is a Nigerian Prince, they’re probably not going to rip you off. Also, they seem to say that if you help them get their inheritance, they’ll give some to you. Seems pretty generous!

    1. Sadly, gulibility has bee around for ages. It will never be bred out of the human gene pool. That is why the oldest profession is religion. (Yes guys, that’s what I said It’s not prostitution. It’s religion. ) As P.T. Barnum said… “A fool and his money are soon departed. Unfortunately, the scams can target the elderly and those who cannot think for themselves. Until the penalty exceeds the gains, we will not see a decrease in the number of scammers.

      1. First off, I agree that being a priest/shaman was the first profession, but there’s good evidence that might have included sexual performances by women. It’s an anthropological puzzle. Secondly, PT Barnum should not be confused with Aesop….

  3. What is it about scammer/crackers picking on users of dying technology?

    This past year there have been two series of Adobe Flash installer Trojan horses for Mac. So frickin’ what?! Who cares?!

    Now a phishing attack on MobileMe users? WHAT?! MobileMe has exactly 6 months to live. So frickin’ what?! Who cares?!

    Clearly these scam rats are Windoze users attempting to prove something as Mac scam rats. Piss off kiddies! 😛

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