Financial, Insurance, and Health markets most likely to use Apple iPhones and iPads at work

“For some time we’ve known that companies are increasingly encouraging their employees to bring their iPhones and iPads to work,” Ed Sutherland reports for Cult of Mac.

“‘Just as we saw last year, smartphones and tablets will be popular gifts this holiday season, and come January employees will bring these devices to work in droves,’ says John Herrema, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Good Technology,” Sutherland reports. “Good released numbers today showing what began as a casual occurrence of an iPhone here or there has become institutionalized with companies offering stipends and other programs.”

Sutherland reports, “There is a higher incidence of iOS devices taking part in programs encouraging employees use their own devices at work. Typically, 60 percent of BYOD devices are iOS-based, Herrema said… The financial, insurance and health care sectors — all highly regulated — are most apt to embrace the BYOD model.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. You know what is amazing here? For decades people bought the same computer they used at work at home. It didn’t really seem like there was any independent thought or evaluation process, they bought what the IT dept recommended.

    SUDDENLY, people seem to be able to discern a difference and make an intelligent thoughtful decision. I’m guessing the iPhone / iPod unlocked the door, and iPad walked right in. That said, still less than 50% get it, that’s why iPhone market share will always be less, common sense is simply uncommon.

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