Why webOS will fail – again

“WebOS, first from Palm and then from Hewlett Packard, came and went so fast most mobile software developers never even got a chance to play with it,” Bob Cringely writes for I.Cringely. “Now HP has declared WebOS to be Open Source, placing the project (it’s really not a product anymore) under CEO Meg Whitman to show they haven’t totally given up on the mobile OS.”

Cringely writes, “Whitman may talk a good game, but I don’t think her troops are ready to be that bold. I think they’ll flinch, perhaps without even telling her, and make WebOS a little less open than it should be. And by doing so they’ll let WebOS fail. Again.”

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  1. If HP is basing the “life” of webos on the “popularity” the touchpad has brought… HP needs to rethink things.

    It was a dud at $500, the only reason it sold is due to the $99 price point and the FACT people wanted the hardware to put android on it…
    Its the hardware NOT the OS.

  2. The only ones that cares are the die hard Palm Nutjob Fanatics. Right now about a dozen or so. In other words WebOS is dead. No one cares about it. Goodbye and good riddance. Hacking iTunes from the beginning signed your death warrant.

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