Magical technology: Why Apple is buying Anobit

“Calcalist says that Apple is making its largest hardware acquisition ever: Israeli firm Anobit. Who are they and what would they do for Apple? I’ve spoken to Anobit’s CTO and studied the technology. Here’s what they’re buying – and why,” Robin Harris reports for ZDNet.

“If the story is correct, Apple is not only getting ‘magical’ technology, but also some of the world’s foremost flash memory technologists,” Harris reports.

“Flash is not a well-behaved storage medium. It has many problems – fast writes are hard, data wants to leak away, and there’s a ticklish relationship between the number of writes and how long data can be retained – and it’s getting worse as chip capacities increase,” Harris reports. “Anobit gives Apple a powerful competitive weapon that can be used to both reduce costs and/or increase performance, while increasing product quality in terms of reliability and battery life.”

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  1. AAPL is already the largest single consumer of flash, so to create a mature in-house flash division with a singular acquisition, reminiscent of P.A. Semi, makes sense.

    If you chart AAPL’s “absorption” of principal computing components manufacturing capacity on a BUTR graph, from CPU to memory, it’s interesting to see where they’re going with all this.

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