Avon replacing Andrea Jung as CEO

“Avon Products Inc. is ending Andrea Jung’s long run as its chief executive, saying the company needs to strengthen its management to get ‘back on a growth track,'” Joann S. Lublin and Hannah Karp report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The big door-to-door beauty company said Tuesday it has launched a search for CEO candidates outside the company,” Lublin and Karp report. “Once it settles on one, Ms. Jung will step aside and serve as full-time executive chairman. She is currently chairman and CEO.”

Lublin and Karp report, “It’s unusual for a company to announce it wants a new CEO while the current top executive is still in the job, as it brands the sitting CEO a lame duck.”

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  1. Andrea was the only woman. Her replacement should be a woman. And while I’m on the subject, dump some “other” sitting board members, and replace them with women. Trust me, things would not get any worse.

    (Disclaimer—I do not use Avon products)

      1. I don’t care about qualifications. I want representation. Do you want to fight? Remember, Directors contribute diverse points of view that provide a complete economic picture to company management, and biases infect that contribution to the health of the company.

        This isn’t a democratic election! The consequences are profoundly different!

        1. There was an interesting article in the Economist about imposing quotas. They argued against saying that natural forces along with more women in the ranks would bring parity. At the same time they looked at the statistics that show how little progress has been made over the past 3 decades. If the playing field were even, quotas would be clearly wrong, but given that the ‘free market’ isn’t working, what is the best way? I don’t know…

            1. Jane, you really do want a qualified woman. Chung didn’t accomplish anything other than filling two superficial feelgood requirements: race and sex different than anyone else in the room. what a disservice to intelligent women everywhere who could have gotten something done.

              most intelligent, objective men would prefer the presence of a qualified woman on the board too. sex really does make a difference in approach to analytical problem solving. and there are many qualified candidates who happen to be women to choose from. so why argue otherwise?

          1. @Craig
            I think I am seeing smoke from your burning jockstrap, fellow dude.

            While I shouldn’t presume to interpret what Jane is saying I think it has been evident that women have not reached parity with men in business. Yes things have improved, but more needs to be done.

            In addition I think woman should be represented on the boards of companies that sell most products.

            Adding a well qualified woman should not be difficult.
            Lots of woman use and enjoy Apple products, so having woman on the board is good business. Woman seem to think differently from men.
            It’s helpful to have that input.

            I think points made by some of those who take issue with Jane’s comment are a little disingenuos.

            If a male board member was leaving i doubt that some would make any fervent request to replace the board member with the “best qualified person male or female”. It would be assumed by many that another white male would be the replacemnt.

            I think the best qualified person statement tends to be used often when someone is suggesting that a peron from a minority or a less adtvantaged or not traditionally favored group be replaced.

            By the way this change at Avon doesn’t automatically mean that Ms Jung should leave Apple’s board. If she has functioned well as a board member she may have even more time to devote to the Apple board in her new role.

            At this point their are not many woman seen publicly in high profile executive/management roles at Apple. I assume and hope that their are some well qualified women who are going to become visible.

        2. A diverse, but flawed point of view may be worthless. There are many highly qualified women out there, and I would be glad to have more on Apple’s BOD. But your argument regarding “representation” over “qualifications” is ridiculous and harmful to the cause that you espouse. I have observed many ill effects from that type of thinking. I would be glad to fight with you on this. In fact, I feel obligated to do so.

        3. If “representation” is valid criteria (and you’re not a hypocrite), you should demand a Nauru be on the board.

          The Nauru are one of the most under represented people on planet Earth.

      1. No, of course not! Only that things wouldn’t get worse if a woman were to be replaced by a man. Only that. Come on, now.

        If Andrea is replaced by a man, I feel that half of the human race is consigned to the dustbin of irrelevancy. If you feel that that viewpoint is motivated by gender alone, then take a moment of your precious time to prove to me how gender is irrelevant in business, politics, or anything else.

        1. “If Andrea is replaced by a man, I feel that half of the human race is consigned to the dustbin of irrelevancy.”

          C’mon…we’re talking about Avon. Can irrelevant become anymore irrelevant?

        2. “If Andrea is replaced by a man, I feel that half of the human race is consigned to the dustbin of irrelevancy.”

          A bombastic statement, plain and simple. If you actually believe that theoretically losing one female BoD position threatens the worth of several billion women, then you need some psychiatric help. That is overblown to the point that it is meaningless.

          Is there still work to be done in achieving more balanced representation (gender and racial) in the upper levels of corporate management? Certainly. But stuffing the system with “representation” is not the answer.

    1. You realize they’re talking about Avon, not Apple. She is still on Apple’s board, and I don’t expect them to replace her, unless there was some fiduciary mismanagement at Avon. I’d be surprised if she was the “only woman” exec at Avon, though. As for Apple, they need all the minority female representation they can get.

    2. Um – it doesn’t say that she’s leaving Apple’s board, so are you saying get a woman to replace her as CEO at Avon? My guess is that would be a significant priority in Avon’s candidate search.

    3. While we are at it lets replace Tim with Carol, or maybe that WOMAN from HP’s past. They did a really excellent job at Yahoo and HP. LOL. I have worked with a few women and it was always because people in power wanted to see what a woman’s touch would be like. A lot of the times they would come up with some really crazy idea…….and like idiots we all went along just because everyone thought it was ” a new woman’s way” forward. Like Carol and “whatshername” from HP, there was a honeymoon and then there was a very unhappy divorce.

    1. Didn’t you hear? She is Johnson’s replacement as hear of Apple Retail operations. Apple is implementing a new retail model – door to door sales. Apple will pitch the iPad as costing only $.46 per day over its 3 year life. – a price even a $1 an hour Chinese factory worker can afford. That opens iPad up to over a billion new customers.

      Seriously, I believe i read she was on the board due to her Chinese connections.

  2. Great, there goes Tim Cook’s makeup advisor.

    Sounds like this will be a corporative transition rather than being given the boot. That speaks well for both Jung and Avon.

    1. R2, what an intelligent and perceptive individual you are.
      In someone else’s parallel universe. I know a number of women who would give you something to round your eyes out; grabbing you firmly by the balls and squeezing very, very hard.
      One of those women happens to be half-Chinese, and she’s perfectly capable of ripping your balls off and stitching them into your vile little mouth. She’s a midwife, btw.

  3. You may be right. What was I thinking? That cosmetics, and by criminal extension, women, represent nothing significant in the corporeal realm? I suppose I was only wistfully, and hopelessly, thinking that at least one male out there would exhibit any sensitivity or even thoughtfulness about this issue. Because if there isn’t any, call me Podkayne.

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