Google’s Schmidt sees ‘majority’ of TVs with Google TV by summer

“Google chairman Eric Schmidt made an aggressive prediction at the Le Web conference in Paris that Google TV would dictate the TV landscape by summer 2012,” Electronista reports.

“He believed that the ‘majority of televisions you see in stores’ should have the Android-based OS build inside over the course of the next several months,” Electronista reports. “No indication was given of which companies were involved and how many of their models would make the leap.”

By the summer of 2012, because the product cycles are long, the majority of the televisions that you see in the television stores here will have Google TV embedded in itGoogle’s Eric Schmidt, December 8, 2011

Electronista reports, “The claim is an ambitious one and may not be supported by practical reality.”

Read more in the full article, with video, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Pfft. Mole must’ve bumped his head on a rock digging one of his tunnels. iCal’ed.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. AndroidOS will draw menus which now drawn by TV manufacturers’ own software. Usual TV remote will do the controlling.

      Android OS installation base will grow even faster thanks to this useless version of it.

  1. Wow… Eric T Mole has gone completely bat-shit crazy.
    That is such a croc and everyone knows it’s a croc
    Why would he say something like that? Just to completely torpedo his credibility?
    Mission accomplished.

  2. The government really needs to investigate Googles purchase of Motorola a lot more than it is currently.

    Google purchasing Motorola is far worse for consumers than AT&Ts bid for T-Mobile.

  3. He’s not talking about stand alone boxes , but incorporated into manufacturers HDTVs .

    I thought that would be the route Apple would take, low margin HDTVs with ATV built on

  4. A tv is a dumb monitor. Why the hell would I want an OS in it? I already have a shitty cable/sat box OS, Xbox OS, AppleTV OS and they work fine. Why would my TV need an OS?

  5. It’s strange Google doesn’t get it.

    People watching TV just want to sit down and start watching TV, with little to no menu navigation or button pressing. No one trying to watch TV wants to fiddle around with 100-button remotes and search through a maze of inconsistent menus.

    Google TV software is not easy to use, and that is why it is complete nonstarter.

  6. Reality is that Google TV failed in a box, why would any of the TV manufacturers think it would be any better in there TV’s.
    Remember Google TV wasn’t licensed for most of the content they offered so 99% of it was blocked by the providers. Do you really want to buy something that you won’t be able to use?
    I certainly don’t. I certainly don’t want to deal with there 2000 button remote like they had in there box. Even if Google gets to market first with a TV I have a feeling Apple will trump Google by making what Steve Jobs had in mind and that will be the end of Google TV.

  7. It is worth reading the Gizmodo article about this, which is titled: “Eric Schmidt Insanely Claims Google TV Will Come with “Majority” of TVs Next Year (NO)”

    Yes, Gizmodo, blah blah blah.

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