Apple not allowed to call an iPad an iPad in China, court rules

“Apple Inc. has lost a trademark dispute in China, where it had accused Proview Technology (Shenzhen) of infringing on its iPad trademark,” NewsCore reports.

“Proview’s Taiwan based unit had sold the ‘global trademark’ to a U.K.-based company called IP Application Development for £35,000 ($55,104) in 2006… That company then transferred the trademark to Apple,” NewsCore reports. “But Proview Technology (Shenzhen) says the trademark for China’s mainland market was not included in that agreement because the company’s Taiwan unit did not own it at the time.”

NewsCore reports, “The court agreed, ruling that the Shenzhen-based company holds the rights to the iPad trademark in the Chinese market, the Daily reported.”

Full article here.


  1. Never trust those Asian companies. The only ones that trust them are the US Judges that favor Asian companies who’s mantra is to “copy” and undercut competitors with their cheaper labor and sub par materials.

  2. Well, it is time to call it iPADD based on the Star Trek PADD that first used it in the Next Generation series. Pay an American a royalty first.

    Or just call it what it really is in China. The ANDROID TABLET KILLER. It has a nice ring to it in English. No idea what it sounds like in Mandarin.

  3. Were I Apple, I’d gladly spend the 1.1B with my manufacturing & design partners to rebrand the Chinese version, rather than hand it over to the IP squatters. Would also have value as a future deterrence.

  4. There is a saying…”They just got Shanghaied.”

    Then don’t make them in China and don’t sell them in China. But, I am sure they will recover the 1.5 billion if the Chinese market so…loves Apple products.

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