“Where are the WSJ, Financial Times, New York Times front page stories? Where are the hourly CNBC regurgitations of this shocking news? Where are the worldwide bloggers and other pundits that were so loud and quick to expose the evil Apple empire for ‘Locationgate’ (a quickly fixed software bug, that would not drop past cell tower locations you connected to in order to improve service, that was quickly addressed and fixed by Apple with no harm to users and with no realistic privacy or security issues)?” Apple Fanboy asks.

“How is there not a ten-fold response to the recent news that Google and others (Nokia and RIM) have software running on millions of their devices that record your every keystroke? Your text messages, your phone numbers, basically every single thing you do on your smartphone!” Apple Fanboy writes. “Where are the members of Congress rushing to hold a press conference demanding answers for what has recently been revealed? AL FRANKEN! PAGING AL FRANKEN!”

“Ohh, wait a second, it turns out Apple was not included in this latest report,” Apple Fanboy explains. “No news here. Yeah no need to make a big deal out of this… Sure Apple’s “Locationgate” was a little pimple compared to this, but apparently there are strict reporting guidelines and fact checking that needs to be accomplished before rushing to judgement on this one! Congress has bigger issues to worry about this time.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JB” for the heads up.]

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