Apple killed it this Black Friday; tidal wave of sales hit Apple Retail Stores

“As retailers across the U.S. mopped the Black Friday blood and pepper spray from their floors, Apple walked away from the unofficial shopping holiday with bulging pockets,” Rachelle Dragani reports for MacNewsWorld. “It sold 68 percent more iPads than usual last Friday, beating sales forecasts by 7 p.m. that night.”

“On Black Friday, Apple lowered the iPad’s price by $40 and sold 70 percent more units than last year, according to information from Forbes,” Dragani reports. “‘At this point I think the biggest advantage is in the tablet space. I don’t see any strong competition there. Amazo has already had the Kindle Fire out, and the review seems to be that it’s good but not good enough,’ Hendi Susanto, analyst at Gabelli, told MacNewsWorld.”

Dragani reports, “Consumer preference research from Bernstein Research shows that buyers aren’t looking for tablets, they’re looking for iPads. ‘The iPad isn’t a compromise device. Something like the Fire is compromising. It’s small, it’s an e-reader, you can’t play games, you can’t connect to location-based services, really it provides one tenth of the functionality,’ Trip Chowdhry, senior analyst for Global Equities Research, told MacNewsWorld.”

“Considering its overall dominance in the market, combined with the expected arrival of the iPad 3 in the first half of next year, some research firms such as Jeffries predict iPad sales could nearly double in the fiscal year that started in September,” Dragani reports. “The firm estimated Apple could sell 65.4 million iPads, almost twice as many as the 32.4 million it sold in the 2011 fiscal year.”

Read more in the full article, including speculation about an Apple-branded re-imagining of the television set, here.

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  1. Good, but not good enough?????!!!!! The Kindle Fire sounds like one of the worst tablet experiences out there from the reviews. It’s cheap because it loses money, compromises on design and has a truly sputtering, crappy user interface, according to the reviews I’ve read. Where is the Good?

  2. My iPad 1 actually got ran over last Monday, tragic I know. So I waited until Friday to order my new white iPad 2 32gb wifi as a replacement, betting on the likelihood that Apple would discount them.

    I still haven’t gotten mine. According to Apple’s website my iPad has been preparing for shipment now for 6 days. Hope it ships soon, life without my iPad is no life at all.

    1. Hey, I feel your pain. I’ve had my iPad 1 since Day One and have used it at least two hours per day since. I can’t imagine not having it.

      The iPad 2 we just got yesterday is for a friend, but that’s OK – my wife has her iPad 2 already.

  3. Oh, please. Give this “killed Black Friday” nonsense a break. Analysts are already downgrading Apple product sales numbers and are expecting them to fall well below estimates. Why? Due to various supply chain shortages. It’s not right to keep raising Apple investors’ hopes up only to be dashed when the earnings come out. Apple may earn record revenue again this quarter, but will likely miss every product estimate which will drive the stock down back to $360 or so. I’m sure Apple did “OK” on Black Friday, but let’s not have the over-enthusiasm run amuck.

    Apple stock is fighting an uphill battle it just can’t possibly win. It’s already rigged that Apple will never be able to beat or even meet analyst expectations in product sales numbers. Only the Kindle Fire is killing it and Amazon’s share price will soar because it’s a highly respected company on Wall Street, unlike Apple.

    Hey, I’m just a guy trying to keep Apple shareholders feet planted firmly on the ground, that’s all.

    1. I call bullsh#t! You’re a troll.

      Do you really think any intelligent Apple investor is going to read your post and say, “You know, he is right. I’m going to now keep my feet on the ground.” Actually, do you think investors are reading your post at all? NO.

    2. Yesterday, you said AAPL was doomed and wouldn’t rise above $360. And it rose to $372. Now it’s shot up to $382.

      Your attempts to foment are failing.

      Or maybe there’s an outside chance that you’re pulling a Zune Tang comedy schtick and you’re not actually intending to foment, but in that case, you need to realize that your schtick is so deadpan that it’s indistinguishable from the real thing. Such that you could get into actual legal trouble for this if caught(that is unless you’re a paid “analyst” or your name is Jim Cramer. They apparently get free lifetime passes to illegally manipulate the market).

  4. Like I said before :

    I can buy TWO kindle Fires for the price of ONE iPad…

    put them together and get the same screen real estate as an iPad or strap them to my ears and get TRUE STEREO sound without the need for fancy headphones.

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