‘iTether’ unlimited tethering app appears in Apple’s App Store (with video)

Tether is an app that allows you to access the Internet on your Mac anywhere there is cellular coverage, through your iPhone.

For the time being, iTether is available in Apple’s iTunes App Store (US$14.99) here.

It even works on extremely archaic devices:


    1. How is this different from native tethering? It is obvious that in the US, you’re carrier will detect tethering and warn you must change of plan or they will. I’ll keep unlimited as long as possible.

      1. I doubt that tethering is so easily detectable. It is just that the equivalent iOS system utility, which appears to be part of the configuration, remains under the control of the carrier, a situation condoned by Apple.

      2. No, your carrier will detect your tether when you are using non-standard ports on your connection. For example, you cannot torrent on a iPhone, ergo if you are using the torrent ports on your phone connection then you must be tethering. If you stick to low bandwidth web browsing and email you’re fine.

        1. Given the limits and costs of mobile Internet, I doubt many would use if for torrents. More likely web browsing, e-mail, and social apps – the same as on the phone.

          That said, it will be interesting to see how the troglodyte carriers react.


    You can easily buy the app but check the website for the connection software for your Mac first. I made the mistake of buying the app and then going to the website for the connection software download…can’t get it.

    Seems very scamy to me.

  2. This may seem a silly question but why buy this app when you can use the “personal hotspot” setting on the iPhone? (Of course, I don’t live in the USA either.) Is this a USA specific need?

  3. Wikipedia’s entry for ‘Tethering’:

    “Many mobile phones are equipped with software to offer tethered Internet access… iOS (only after jailbreak or running iOS 4.3 or higher on iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s without jailbreak) support[s] this”

    I imagine this app is aimed at people not within that group.

      1. Only because we’re already on limited data plans. 6 GB max (and only available during promos), and need at least 1 GB plan to tether.

        In the US, where some carriers still have unlimited data, an additional tethering charge was inevitable.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. But it seems that, at least the iPhone app, only uses the USB connection and also requires a Mac app or Windows program (always keep the terms separate) to be running in the background. So I don’t think that you can tether anything else.

      Now, I don’t know if you are tethering your phone to your Mac and sharing your Mac internet access that you can extend the tether to devices via the Mac. You would still need a Mac running, but MAYBE then the iPad could piggyback on. Hmmm…

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