New Google Search app for iPad gets it right

“The revamped Google Search app for iOS is a huge improvement on what went before,” Giles Turnbull reports for Cult of Mac.

“It’s slick, speedy, and simple. Everything you want in a web search app. Enter your query and results show up as you type, thanks to Google Instant (you can switch this off if you like),” Turnbull reports. “If you’d rather not type, it accepts spoken input just as well.”

Turnbull reports, “The browser pane for viewing results slides in from the right, over the top of the results list. If you use the official Twitter app, you’ll be familiar with the idea. It works beautifully, and makes flicking through several pages of results much easier. Even little details look good: the bottom edge of the browser pane’s toolbar acts as a progress bar, thin but functional and squeezed in without sacrificing useful space elsewhere.”

Read more in the full article here.

More info and download link for Google Search app for iPad via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.


  1. Haven’t used google since Schmidt was kickd out of Apple by Steve Jobs. Never will again until they change their evil ways.

    Only thing I would fault SJ on is the “coaching” he gave Page days before he died.

  2. Yep.

    My safaris default search is google, everywhere.
    Beyond that I block JavaScript from google, anylitics etc. that’s as far as I go with google.

    I will never install any google app.

    And once the damn FedEx bastard gets here today… Siri will be searching everything for me.

  3. Login to the new Google search and it crashes almost consistently. Worse – attempting a search once you logged in with your google account disables all search requests. Works fine if you don’t login. At least that’s my disappointing experience so far.

  4. Very nice app. The only criticisms I have are:

    1. Voice search does not work with phrased commands like Siri. Each individual word is a search term.

    2. Twitter sharing is not enabled. It would be great to be able to share to Twitter (or FB and G+) from the app, but it is not enabled.

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