Adobe changes its software upgrade policy

“Adobe customers could previously upgrade their Creative Suite from three versions back. So customers could upgrade to Create Suite (CS) 5, from CS 4, CS 3, and CS 2,” Karl Johnson reports for T-GAAP.

“Many customers either can’t afford or don’t want to spend the extra cash to upgrade every version,” Johnson reports. “These customers usually upgrade CS every other or every third update. That will all change with Creative Suite 6.”

Johnson reports, “In a recent blog post, Adobe added a CS subscription service for the Creative Suite called Adobe Creative Cloud and changed its upgrade policy. The subscription price will cost $49.99 per month for individuals. For customers who want to remain on the current system, which Adobe calls ‘perpetual licenses,’ they will need to upgrade much more frequently. Customers will only be able to upgrade from the previous significant release… Adobe is looking to stabilize their income by forcing people to switch to a subscription service.”

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    1. Well and simply put. Never has a software company been so successful at making the piracy, hacking and counterfeiting of its products more virtuous than rescuing a drowning child.

        1. The hell I am. Quark was awful. Photoshop, and its relatives, are unarguably the best products of their kind, administered by what is unquestionably the worst company of its kind on the planet. Note to Apple: please buy Adobe, destroy what is left of Flash, and rebuild the rest into a company with Apple-class customer service and fairly priced products.

  1. They really expect individuals to pay $600 per year? Every year? And what happens if you stop paying? Is it like music rental services? If you stop paying you can no longer use the software? This can’t be a good idea for Adobe.

    1. The pro crowd that uses this for their livelihood might disagree with you. If you’re only using Photoshop for 3 months at a time, you’re not part of Adobe’s core user base.

      Typical Adobe.

  2. What a joke, this company continues to go the wrong way. The only one of their applications I have not been able to replace is Illustrator. 2 years and they will be gone or bought and tossed out to the trash by Microsoft.

  3. All of you people are quick to trash Adobe.
    I guess not many make a living by using their industry standard software.
    In the creative world Indesign, PhotoShop and Illustrator rule.

    If anyone could provide comparable alternatives I would be more than happy to listen.

      1. You didn’t mention a worthy alternative to Illustrator or Photoshop.

        True professionals rely on this and unfortunately, there is nothing close to compete.

        Sucks that Adobe continues to muck things up. People that can’t afford it simply won’t upgrade at all.

      2. And Quark cut their throat with the creative pros years ago. Plus their software in clunky these days. Adobe has done a good job of integrating PS, InDesign and Illy.

        All the Adobe trashers evidently are ignorant of what Creative Suite does and how well it does it.

        I work in prepress at a sheetfed litho printing operation and am buried in CS all day every day. Haven’t seen anything on the horizon that will challenge it. Sorry mates but Adobe will be here for a while.

        If anyone thinks MS can challenge them with a functional design/drawing/photo suite just take a look at Publisher and you’ll get a dose of reality.

    1. I could not get by without Photoshop, Illustrator, Frame Maker and InDesign. Quark and Pixelmator are not viable alternatives for daily professional use and there are no alternatives to Illustrator and Frame Maker. Although my company is happy to pay for upgrades and even fresh installs of the complete suite, I think we’ll be staying with CS5 for quite a while. The subscription concept is ridiculous for everyone except Adobe’s finance department. Looks like they’ve finally let the sales guy run the company!

  4. It is stock market analysts reports versus satisfying customers. When in doubt, Adobe should always provide truly productive benefits for users every time they have an upgrade. Don’t piss off your base.

    Adobe is following the lead of REALLY expensive software packages that typically cost $10k-20k and up in the 3D CAD and FEA arena that are truly high end and with no low cost solutions right now.

    Adobe and other software makers are on a yearly stock market evaluation cycle.

    Users are on a “usability & productivity cycle”. All users recognize the upset when they have to do a major upgrade in time loss to install, keep the old versions running for fall-back uses and then time to learn new features. You can lose many days of productivity each year dealing with a major upgrade. That is a real income loss unless the upgrade yields truly great productivity and feature increases in income.

  5. If they would only charge less for upgrades they would get more people doing it – like $99 or $149. These people are living in a Dream World, especially in this economy. Wishing for revenue through draconian means won’t make it happen so much as expedite the opposite.

  6. it’s not the price that keeps people from upgrading, it’s compatibility within the industry and inconvenience of having their well-learned workflow uprooted with each upgrade. it’s also that every major release is filled with bugs that take many revision cycles to stabilize. if it were possible, i’d still be using illustrator 8. that baby was rock solid.

    1. Agreed. We always skip a version or two (you need time to get comfortable with your tools). And we always wait a year for them to fix stuff before rolling out the new version. Sadly they always leave a few glaring bugs anyway, and tell you that it will be fixed in the next version. True, but they introduce a bunch of new ones.

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