‘Occupy Flash’ wants end to Adobe Flash on desktops too

“Occupy Flash, a group dedicated to seeing the end of the Flash platform, has called on all PC users to uninstall the Flash Player plugin from their desktop browsers,” Electronista reports. “The group calls themselves ‘The movement to rid the world of the Flash Player plugin.’ As far as the group is concerned, the death of mobile Flash is not enough, and it wants to see the end of all Flash development.”

Electronista reportsThe group has posted the following statement on the matter: ‘Why, you ask? Why does it matter, when Adobe has already neutered the platform by publicly killing Flash on mobile devices? Why does it matter when HTML5 has clearly won the fight for the future of our web browsing? Well, as we’ve seen with other outdated web technologies…as long as software is installed on machines, there will be a contingent of decision makers who mandate its use, and there will be a requirement of continued support, the plugin will live on, and folks will continue to develop for it.’

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  1. The group shouldn’t associate themselves (even by name) with the OWS “movement.” As for Flash? It will die on its own. Many of the more tech savvy people have already uninstalled the plugin. As more Web visitors go mobile, or desktop traffic diminishes from people who avoid sites that use Flash in mission-critical ways, the site admins will have to change with the times, or become irrelevant.

    1. I still have it installed on my iMac but not my MBP. Left it on the iMac just for the times when I actually do want to watch some stupid flash video.
      MDN posts a few, not their fault.

      But I do run Click to Flash and YouTube5 so I can minimize flash.

      1. When ClickToFlash is installed, the server may still (correctly) assume that the client has Flash installed, even when it blocks Flash functionality (most of the time).

  2. flash was a really cool tool for macromedia nerds and advertisers, and it helped ubiquitize (is that a word) decent quality video on the Internet, but good riddence!!!

  3. It’s ridiculous that sites like the Glastonbury Festival booking site, where all you need to do is put in your details and attach a photo require Flash! It would be simplicity itself doing it with an iPhone, using the front camera, but no, the halfwit designer makes you use Flash. I don’t have it on my new Mini, I use Chrome if I absolutely have to have Flash. Please, you scummy little program, die, and put us all out of your misery.

  4. I don’t have the plugin installed. I use Safari (actually WebKit Nightly), NetNewsWire, and Flash to view web content, and when I want to view some Flash, I fire up Chrome.

    I don’t understand why HTML5 videos play so pathetically for me, though. I expect far better from a “superior” technology. I continually switch to Chrome to view a video that should play fine with HTML5 video support.

    1. I find HTML 5 video performance to be very poor two. Flash videos seem to start playing almost immediately but I have to wait ages for H264 to start up. (That’s using Safari 5.1.1 on my MBP).

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