iPad magazine readers to publishers: More, please

“A survey commissioned by a publishers’ trade group… finds that two-thirds of people who read magazines on tablets and e-readers think they’ll be spending more time with digital issues over the next year,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“Many of them — 46 percent — are consuming more magazines — both in print and digital form — than they did before they got their hands on an iPad. And 63 percent of them want more digital stuff to read,” Kafka reports. “89 percent of readers want publishers to adopt a uniform way of navigating magazines.”

Kafka reports, “The survey, conducted earlier this month, was completed by 1,009 people ‘pre-screened for their ownership of mobile devices and their use of magazine-branded apps.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I must admit that I’ve not found reading magazines on the iPad to be a very satisfactory experience. I did subscribe to a number of magazines through Zinio but I’ve now let most of the lapse and gone back to printed editions.

  2. I am not interested in those publishers that just pud a PDF of their paper version on the news stand. I will read apps like the guardian and the economist, which represent the content in iPad optimised ways. (Though if reading the content on-line, such as the guardian, is just and good or better and free, then I won’t pay money for the app)

    1. See I like it both ways.
      I’ll take a PDF version of the mag, with clickable links etc, but Also like the iPad optimized apps.

      the CNN and Foxnews Apps are both great, if Magazines would make their iPad subscriptions like them.. More would sell also.
      I’ll have to check out the Guardian app one of these days, heard it’s good from a few different places.

      But a cheap PDF works for me. MacLife/Macworld I forget which, has a .99 subscription on the iPad now. I still have time left on my subs, but i may go digital with them when it’s time to renew.

  3. My nephews get The Beano delivered to my iPad every week, I have a free 3 month subscription to The Guardian which I will pay for when it expires, National Geographic, Metro & Kingpin. Oh yeh, and I like buying a book or 3 every now and again on iBooks.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read as much as I do now it’s so effortless to get new content…

    Thanks Steve for making me read more. Seriously.

  4. I now subscribe to more magazines than ever. The digital pricing is better. I wish magazines like the Nation and the Progressive had better sharing or social media though.

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