CEO Steve Ballmer’s popularity among Microsoft shareholders on the wane

“Microsoft on Thursday filed a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission, outlining the election of its board of directors,” Don Reisinger reports for CNET. “Ballmer won the approval of 92 percent of shareholders, earning a total of 5.4 billion votes in favor and 468 million votes against.”

Reisinger reports, “Although that’s an overwhelming majority for Ballmer, it’s down from the 95 percent of approval votes he received from shareholders last year.”

MacDailyNews Take: Whew! For a second, we thought the comatose were finally awaking. Thanks, Don, for getting us all worried for nothing about the future of world’s greatest CEO.

“Ballmer was the only Microsoft board member that didn’t receive 99 percent support from shareholders,” Reisinger reports. “Even Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was able to secure 99.1 percent approval from shareholders this year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, with a 92% vote of approval, Ballmer’s position is secure and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As the graph below attests, he’s doing a magnificent job:

AAPL vs. MSFT stock price

AAPL vs. MSFT stock price
via Wolfram|Alpha


  1. I’m truly surprised it’s that high. Balmer is frequently identified as a principal reason for MSFT stagnation. Typical BACN curves would suggest a much closer link between CEO popularity and stock delta.

  2. To any MS shareholder or board member reading this:

    No doubt this is because of the paid Apple shills spreading FUD about poor Ballmer.

    Don’t be swayed by some popularity contest!

    As we all agree on here, he’s everything we could ever want in Microsoft’s CEO.

  3. But, but – they pay a dividend. Seriously, the stock is cheap to get into and pays a dividend and, as someone mentioned in the comments in the original article, they are future proofed. MS still has the franchise on corporate and enterprise. It may not be growing but what an incredible cash cow. They will not be displaced from their seat for a long time. For financial types, who cannot think beyond the tips of their nose, MS is a actually a great stock.

  4. They need to stop picking on Ballmer. He is doing a fine job. In fact, I would like for him to open up 100 stores a year. I would also like for him to bring back and Zune HD and spend at least 2 billion in ads and promotion forever. Hmmm what else. Oh, spend another 30 billion to buy up all companies he thinks can help them brag about innovating. There. 😉

  5. Apple’s products, besides being elegant and high quality, are cool. The company is cool. Microsoft is not. Its corporate history going back to the early days of Windows gives the company a reputation of a dirty, greedy, cheater.

    But a part of Apple’s success is its “cool factor”, which is important for the sale of products like the iPod and iPhone to young adults.

    And “cool factor” is a fickle thing that can crumble like a house of cards. Witness Snapple, which had a “buck the establishment—we’re different, edgy” quality. All it took was the sale of the company to “the man” (Quaker Oats) to destroy the cool-factor.

    Much of Apple’s success (buck “the man” and be cool) can be lost very easily from a series of made calls. Microsoft will never have it.

  6. 92% approval for Ballmer versus 99% for Gates. Is that a rounding error?

    Despite msft stockholders’ golden-tinged memories of Bill’s tenure as CEO, neither he nor balmy is a visionary, nor knows the first thing about technology. Gates had a more wolfish knack for predatory business practices, and he also had a far more naive landscape to plunder.

    1. Gates is actually a brilliant programmer, for he and Paul Allen built BASIC for the Altair 8800 without any/much external help.. how could someone who “doesn’t know the first thing about technology.” do that?

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