Apple releases Final Cut Pro X 10.0.2 Update

Apple has released Final Cut Pro X 10.0.2 which:

• Fixes an issue in which a title may revert to the default font after restarting Final Cut Pro X
• Resolves an issue that could cause files recorded with certain third-party mobile devices to play back incorrectly
• Addresses a stability issue caused by changing the start time on a Compound Clip

This update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X and is available via Software Update.

More info about Final Cut Pro X via Apple’s Mac App Store here/a>.


    1. Bull
      FCPX is an awesome step into the future of editing. The fact that the launch version lacks some elements some features found in FCP7 doesn’t make it any less awe inspiring.

      It is a almost perfect tool for indy film making and the speed and flexibility it offers filmmakers is unmatched by ANY other editor on the market regardless of price (and many of those run 10X the price of FCPX)

      I have been an compositor/FX editor for 15 years, and I can tell you- don’t believe the naysayers folks, just download the demo yourself and run through a couple of the tutorials, you will be amazed with it’s speed, power, ease of use and flexibility.
      (Note: if you are a current FCP7 user; leave you baggage at the door, this is a new system. Learn the new way of doing things and you will be amazed. Try to make it behave like FCP7 and you will endure no end of frustration)

      1. Totally agree, FCPX is superb.

        Skill yourself up in FCPX and Motion and do 95% of what Smoke can do. Both apps represent a massively powerful toolset for anyone who can ignore the idiots.

        Randy Ubilos is a star.

      2. Absolutely agree. Caveat: for single or small workgroups. FCPX has some catching up to do for larger workgroups, obviously. I’m fairly certain they know this and will make it happen. In the mean time, for my uses, (fx, mograph) I find fcpx indispensable and stupidly fast.

    1. Are you really using synced cameras? What are you shooting? I am currently working with a few different (indy) production companies who are cutting multi-shot scenes (multiple camera takes like movies (and high end TV shows) are shot, not sync’d cameras like tv game shows) and are having no problems at all with multiple cameras.

    1. You must be kidding, FCP’s image stabilization was lifted from Shake (a $5000 nodal compositor that apple bought from nothing real) Shakes stabilization was arguably the best in the industry (amongst real compositors not prosumer crap like After effects) and is sill state of the art.
      Apple lifted that engine and madd the controls a bit easier to use (and gave it some reasonable defaults (using shake (or any nodal compositor) REALLY requires knowing what you are doing)

      So (and this is from a compositor) FinalCuts camera stabilization is better than any $1000 prosumer compositor or editor (like Premiere or After Effects) and realistically is in many cases on par with capabilities found in $5000 pro compositors.

        1. Its just a adobe fanboy trying to make his case against apple.

          With something as complex as shooting & stabilization (camera choice, camera settings and shot mechanics and stabilization not to mention the actual software settings) I can easily set it up to make any package look better than any other. Obvious fanboy “hit” videos like this are worthless don’t waste you time.

          Up to now I have been treating to you like you were really serious, an adult looking for information, but you are beginning to smell like just another of the many apple hating barely post-pubessent trolls that infest this forum.

  1. Some people just want to use the best tool to earn a living and don’t care one way or another about MS Adobe or Apple. Personally I prefer to use Apple products but if it’s not a good investment then I will try something else.
    P.S. I’ve been using Macs since OS7 and a Pro photographer looking to invest in video market. Give me some proof since you are so confident in FCX. I’m listening…

    1. Then don’t be a goob dude, just DL the demo and have at it, if you give both a good workout I know you will make the right decision (The difference is a nigh and day at this point, FCPX is a complete generation ahead at this point)

    2. Snapper, if if make you feel better I went up and posted a short query to the video (above) on you tube. Hopefully he won’t be able to mislead anyone else (he was either completely clueless on how to correct rolling shutter distortion in FCPX or he was deliberately trying to mislead, I suspect the latter)

        1. You don’t need his clip, just go out and take a cheep cmos camera (or a cellphone) and do a handheld tracking shot, you should get tons of rolling shutter induced distortion.

          Let me give you some perspective here, while the adobe fan are all hot about their new “warp stabilizer”, inter-frame (temporal) corrections (i.e. where the effect is not visable on one frame but rather as a change across frames) in AE are maddening. Why? Because you can only see one frame, so every time you tweak a parameter, you need to re render. WIth complex corrections (like camera stabilization) you have a half dozen parameters. Getting those just right when you have to re render -just to see the the correction is not quite right- can be maddening. (this also occurs with some retiming functions and particle effects you are constantly re rendering again and again just to see that your timing/settings aren’t quite right.

          That is why a real time systems like FCPX (and Motion) are so much better. You can make changes live (I remember when I first discovered that rolling shutter distortion removal was done dynamically (in real time) I sat staring at the screen gob smacked. (thinking Randy Ubilos you are an effing GOD!)

          This however requires scrapping your code and starting over, from scratch, with a modern foundation. This is a huge undertaking (so don’t look for adobe to do this with CS in this decade anyway)

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