New Apple TV model imminent? Apple TV gets $10 price cut, ‘2010’ model label on Amazon

“New pricing and a title change on’s listing of the Apple TV hint that a new model could be just around the corner,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“But as 9to5mac notes, the more interesting tidbit is that it’s now listed as the ‘(2010)’ version of the product,” Lowensohn reports. “By comparison, Amazon lists the most up-to-date version of other Apple products, such as the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, as the ‘(NEWEST VERSION),’ suggesting that the 2010 label could be a precursor to it being outdated by something newer.”

Lowensohn reports, “The price drop is also notable, given that Amazon has never sold the Apple TV for less than $95 on its site, at least as an advertised price. The move follows an identical price drop from Best Buy this past weekend, also down to $89.99.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even if no new model is forthcoming, Apple will sell another million+ units this quarter, too. Someday, the world will be shocked to find out just how many Apple TV units have been sold. Apple continues building negotiating leverage under the “hobby” guise.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]


    1. My Apple TVs play everything on my family’s iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.

      Apple TV is not at all “hobbled,” as people who actually have and use them know very well.

      1. Yes it is hobbled. Get a grip on reality. It works the Apple intends it, which is EXTREMELY hobbled. Perhaps you have never seen what most media players can do these days.
        If it wasn’t hobbled there would be no jailbreak and no XBMC for it.

  1. If by “around the corner” they mean February, I’ll believe it. Nothing before then, though.

    And I think Apple may be keeping the AppleTV on the hush-hush because they are still in the process of negotiating content deals, and don’t want to scare off the media houses or get the providers so agitated that they try to interfere. I’ve always thought that was why Steve Jobs called the @TV a “hobby”. The word and the low-key marketing didn’t make any sense otherwise.

  2. This may be an illusion. Amazon operates price crawlers that automatically drop Amazon’s prices when items are found elsewhere on the web at lower prices. No human thought is involved. Its part of Amazon’s strategy to use investor capital to drive other retailers out of business.

  3. It is my theory that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was widespread unemployment among former Kremlin watchers. After trying many other jobs in the 1990s, in the 2000s many of them became Apple watchers.

    Both jobs entailed trying to divine deeper inner meaning about extremely secretive organizations from the the tiniest outward actions.

  4. My wish list:
    1) 1080p

    2) WiFi hotspot mode. This would be awesome for traveling because we could hook the ATV to hotel TVs that have HDMI ports and stream from our iOS devices. Additionally, if the room had an ethernet port, we could share that via wifi in our rooms (in some cases were wifi is either weak or they charge per device).

    3) Mac mirroring.

    4) An SDK for 3rd party apps. I don’t think people realize how big this could be. There are whole new categories of apps that could be developed here for presentations and kiosks. Even apps like Facebook or eBay could be radically different in offering a “passive” mode…screensaver like apps that provide information while also playing your music library. Plus all kinds of channel-like apps and games.

    5) Siri.

    1. 3) Mac mirroring.

      Yeah, this would be the holy grail for my wife and me. There are Hulu-only shows that we quit watching because the multi-person experience on Hulu sucks. (Who wants to huddle around a computer? And hooking the Mac up to the TV is a PITA, because of how things are set up in our house.)


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