Apple’s 2012 plans: iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air

“Keep your ear to the ground and you hear all kinds of Apple [AAPL] related rumors. While you should take most of these with a huge pinch of salt, many hint at what’s coming next from the Cupertino company,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld. “So what should you expect from Apple next year?”

“We’re looking at faster and bigger MacBook Airs, the iPad 3 HD, iPhone 5 and perhaps the last ever revision of the Mac Pro,” Evans reports. “We’re on notice to anticipate an Apple TV/television and, of course, there’s always the regular software upgrades to look forward to, but we won’t dwell on these this time around.”

Evans covers the possibilities for:
• 15-inch MacBook Air
• iPad 3, the iPad HD
• iPad mini
• iPhone 5
• Apple television
• Mac Pro

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]


      1. I detect a bit of sarcasm, but personally, I never would have guess, in a dozen years, that Apple was going to upgrade their products on the annual upgrade cycle they’ve had for the past several years.

        It does make for some good keynotes, because I’m continually shocked.

    1. Dude, with the exception of the Mac Pro, they renew everything once a year.

      Blame the slow Mac Pro on Intel’s glacial progress with their high end CPU updates.

      As for one more thing, it will happen next year.

  1. I hope the rumors of a new MacPro are valid. It may be the last one made, maybe even the last one I’d ever buy, but I still want one more.

    The only quibble I have with the article is that mobile or other devices would likely NEVER catch up with the MP and any other high powered, dedicated desktop including iMacs, if Apple (or Dell, or HP, etc for that matter) wanted to keep the big boxes around. Are they needed by the majority of consumers? Probably not, but lesser devices actually “catching up?” in power, mainly, but expandability also, if they were continually developed? No way in hell. Actually needed, though? Well, that’s a different story.

    1. While I fully believe that dumping the MacPro would be a completely stupid idea (at least in the next five to six years), it is historically true that the iMacs lag the fully decked out MacPro by about five to six years. Thus for those who are using the current, top of the line MacPro to its fullest potential — just wait five to six years and you’ll get the same performance out of an iMac. (I’d expect a single chip, 12 core CPU and equivalent single chip graphics and similar to MacPro memory bandwidth by then.)

      The only exception is monitor support. With the proper tweaking the top of the line Macs have been able to support up through six monitors since 1988. To my knowledge no iMac has been able to support more than two monitors. (I’ve never even heard a rumor of anyone getting more than two external monitors to work with an iMac — even using the new Thunderbolt displays.) While it is true that only a small subset of the Mac using population uses more than two monitors, that loss will be catastrophic to those that actually use more.

      1. I don’t actually “need” the power of a MP, but I’ve always liked the idea of having everything contained in one enclosure. I’ve got, or have had, MBPs, iMacs, and MPs, and to me the MP would still be the form factor I would buy if I could only have one, and only one, Mac.

        The iMacs are wonderful-I’m typing this on a two-year old one now-but the deal breaker, besides the very important ability for expandability, is the non-user replaceable HD. I have too much personal and family business on computers to ever feel comfortable taking an iMac in for HD service. In fact, I would not even consider it without wiping the drive first. A dead HD would make that impossible.

        Yes, I could attach all sorts of external stuff to a new iMac, on even thunderbolt on my MBP, but that defeats the whole original idea of an all-in-one box like an iMac or a laptop. I guess I’m good at rationalizing what I want!

  2. 15 inch macbook air??? WRONG
    IPAD Mini??? WRONG!!
    Want my dumbass opinion??
    When the graphics card people get their shit together we will start seeing Retina Displays in a whole heap of Apple products.
    Why?? Anyone look at you iphone 4 then look at your Ipad2 and think…. oouuu that screens a bit chunky?

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