UBS: Rumors of iPhone order cutback are wrong

“Reports out of China claim Apple is cutting back on iPhone 4S parts orders because consumer demand is dropping off,” Jeff Gamet reports for The Mac Observer.

“‘Those reports are wrong, according to UBS analyst Maynard Um, and his checks show iPhone 4S demand is still going strong,'” Gamet reports. “We believe the Commercial Times report is without merit and believe iPhone 4S demand is not an issue,’ Mr. Um said. ‘Our recent checks indicate that iPhone 4S is still selling out and experiencing 1-2 week waits for online orders with demand also driven by accelerated carrier/country launches.'”

Gamet reports, “He added that parts suppliers ‘have very recently indicated strength into [the calendar fourth quarter], which would be counter to weakening demand.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Maynard sure knows how to rain on a good ginned-up discount sale.


  1. A remarkable early sales score for an unremarkable phone. Can you tell it apart from its predecessor? No freaking way, not without some help from Siri. Wait for the Christmas hump to be sated and we’ll see where the real trend lies. Probably a downward trajectory,

    Needs at least 5″ to be in the same ballpark as the rest of the pack.

    1. The only reason people like you are obsessed about the 4S looking like the 4 is because you can’t stand in a public place and show off to the lesser mortals how deprived they are for not having the latest whizzy phone. It’s all about self-obsessed show-offs going ‘look at ME! I’ve got the latest iPhone, and YOU haven’t! So nyah to you, you plebs’
      If you want to show off in public, I suggest you get the clown suit out of the closet…

      1. EXACTLY!!

        I can’t show off the fact that my 4S is not still an iPhone 4 simply by hanging it on my belt or putting it to my ear. NOW I have to — VERY LOUDLY — ask it some bogus question, not because I need info or anything, but so that passersby can be impressed with my top-of-the-line-ness.

        “Excuse me sir, did I just see you ask your phone about the weather? Is that an iPhone 4S? I wasn’t sure at first, but when you told it to tell your girlfriend that the coast was clear, and the smiled, I knew you were totally awesome!”

        1. I LOLed your comment. Supremely funny I thought about the part where it says iPhone hanging on my belt. Mine’s hung around my neck along with the gold Dr Dre Beats headphone cable with a faux ‘4S’ sticker stuck on the back, silver colored in letters two inches high. No mistaking its antecedents.

      2. Naaaa… BLN is one of those aging thirtysomthings who’s eyesight is failing but he won’t use reading glasses in public.

        Here’s the newsflash BLN: one the screen is fine for anyone with normal reading vision, and stretching it larger (at the same resolution) would do nothing but make the phone more difficult to use.
        Second (and perhaps more important) you are not fooling anyone: if you can no longer see small things get a pair of reading glasses and the rest of us don’t want a huge phone (like those ridiculous ‘roids) because you are embarrassed to properly correct your vision.

    2. Yes, I can.

      Visually, the 4S has the extra band above the mute switch that wasn’t in the iPhone 4 GSM version. The CDMA (Verizon) iPhone 4 had the band, but did not have the slot for a SIM card.

      Also, the mute switch and volume buttons were shifted a couple millimeters down as a result of the added band, but you’d need measuring tools to see that (or an old iPhone 4 case that was precision-cut for the 4’s switch/button placement, and therefore doesn’t fit the 4S properly).

      1. You are correct sir. Of course, at a glance one can very quickly tell the iPhone 4S/CDMA iPhone 4 from the GSM iPhone 4. The SIM card slot blends in a little better than the black spaces, and is a little harder to recognize. Now slap a cover on the phone and it is nigh impossible to differentiate!

        1. Well, if you want to go for an *obvious* way to tell a 4S from a 4 from a distance, it’s simple: everyone with a 4S is showing theirs off with Siri, those with a 4 are not 😛

    3. I think your left nut is getting heavier than Balmer’s right nut. That’s why you are getting cranky and getting the Balmer’s syndrome with an obsession with screen size.

    1. Oh, please! This constant denial of iPhone 4S sales slumping is becoming deafening. Apple shares have already taken a good hard one to the chin today, so get over it. At least at this quarter’s earnings announcement you won’t be so flabbergasted when Apple pulls another iPhone sales “miss” like it did last quarter. Only this quarter also beware of an iPad sales “miss” for a devastating “one-two” punch.

      1. Maybe, maybe not. How many shares of AAPL are your shorting, “wise” investor?

        Personally, I plan to hold onto my small accumulation of AAPL for quite some time to come.

  2. I think the rest of the pack needs Siri to be by the foul pole in the same ball park.

    Most if not all, Apple products haven’t changed appearance in the last few years, and sales continue to grow and far out pace pee cees on a percentage growth basis. How’s that working out for ya?

  3. Read this “wise (?) investor’s” other posts. They truly read like (semi-amateur) corporate written anti-apple promotion/publicity/propaganda/puff pieces. Let’s see…what other words start with ‘p’ might be appropriate…hmmmm?

  4. Funny… They pulled this bullshit last qtr, and a few times in the past it must be the same suckers that fall for it every time. I know when my money is at stake I listen to failed analysts and vague Chinese sources every time. Morons.

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