Amid heavy demand, Apple reportedly gives own retail stores iPhone 4S priority

“Demand for Apple’s new iPhone 4S appears to be unwavering both at home and abroad,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“When the device became available for pre-order last Friday in Hong Kong, it sold out within 10 minutes,” Paczkowski reports. “And in the States, retail inventories are reportedly being depleted almost as quickly as Apple can replenish them.”

Paczkowski reports, “Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore says… ‘Our calls to carrier stores reveal infrequent shipments and no certainty when the next shipment will arrive with widespread shortages. It appears that Apple is prioritizing its own stores with new iPhones.'”

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  1. My wife got into an elevator in our apartment building yesterday and a neighbour got on as well. First thing he did was show off his new iPhone 4s. And he went straight to Siri and demonstrated it all the way up to our 5 th floor. This guy barely says hi to us on a normal day.

    Now would all the naysaying, bag biting, idiotic, hit mongering, so-called analysts please line up, shove their other foot in their pie holes and jump off a bridge.

    Collectively (there are a few exceptions) you’ve demonstrated that when it comes to Apple you DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

    You never did, and clearly you never will.

  2. Good for Apple to be prioritizing its own stores. Even when you walk into a carrier store that has the iPhone in stock, the salespeople ALWAYS push Android phones because they get financial kickbacks for selling the Android phones, and they don’t get any kickbacks for selling the iPhone.

    1. I got the AT&T “magazine” last week. It was ALL ANDROID with maybe a hint of blackberry. I didn’t read the fine print but I saw no pictures of the iPhone and no blurbs about it. NADA. It’s displayed as prominently in the stores as the other phones, but ignored in their own advertising. Imbeciles make poor business partners.

      1. to be fair, Apple I doubt pays any money to the carriers to advertise the iPhone (it doesn’t need it)

        All the Android phones… spend a fortune to get it out there in the minds of the masses. they need it badly..

        it may be kickbacks etc also.

        I bought my 4S last night, should be here before Thanksgiving.
        there were 4 salesmen in AT&T while I was there, 3 I saw had the 4S. the other guy was off in a corner talking to an older couple.

      2. I noticed the same thing, DMac. I guess it comes down to this: why bother to advertise a product that you can’t begin to keep on the shelf, when the storeroom is overflowing, into the dumpster out back, with Droidware? And just imagine how many clueless buyers went in looking for “an iPhone or something” and left with something else because the sales clerk earns “push money” for non-Apple goods.

    1. Why is this bad? Apple was stuck, spinning it’s wheels, when it had to rely on big box and mom and pop stores.

      Apple stores are better equipped, to get iPhones out of the door quickly, than any other outlet.

    2. Of course Im not surprised but I am sitting here waiting for an unlocked version because I travel back and forth to Europe and am sick and tired of paying AT&T for roaming.

        1. “Apple will unlock a stock iPhone for you at the store”

          Apple has done this in Canada since the release date. I believe it is being delayed a few months in the USA.

    1. Damn, you are either one of the Chosen Few, or that $20 “tip” worked wonders with the sales clerk. I have three friends whose AT&T orders are running at three weeks. One is getting her phone today — three weeks. Two others ordered last week and were quoted three-week deliveries. And two others ran two weeks.

    2. Interesting. I walked into my local AT&T store on the day the 4S was released and picked up 2, no problem. Even with all the other people in the store getting iPhones as well. I skipped the one of the local Apple Stores because when I drove by the line was about 40 people out the store and around the corner.

  3. I was just saying this yesterday. My wife received hers yesterday, I’m still waiting for mine. We ordered from AT & T store. We have a family plan, and she can’t activate hers yet. So close, yet so far…

  4. Are any of the analysts and pundits at least slightly embarrassed about their dire prediction of this “not the iPhone 5” flopping badly?

    (This includes MDN, who in a take said we wouldn’t have to worry about lines.)


  5. we were “5th in ine” at the ATT store on pre-order day. it’s now a month later and we still don’t have our phones. we couldn’t go through Apple with ATT’s family plan. and after half-dozen “it will be here this week” phone calls, i stopped calling. they’re blaming it on the black 64GB and white 32GB models that we want; said the 16’s were more readily available.

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