Samsung debuts Apple iPod touch knockoff

“Samsung finally copied Apple’s 2007 iPod touch by releasing its own knockoff in 2011,” Obama Pacman reports.

“The Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 Player, priced at $229, even copied the 2010 4th gen iPod touch pricing of $229,” Obama Pacman reports. “Too bad that right before Samsung introduced its knockoff device, Apple unveiled 2011 Pod touch starting at $199.”

Obama Pacman reports, “The Samsung Galaxy player, is of course larger and bulkier, with the bonus of lower battery life.”

See the side-by-sides in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take:

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

Apple’s products came first, then Samsung’s:

Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab Trade Dress Infringement

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]


    1. Nice photoshopped pictures, the favorite pasttime of iboys.

      And if you think they look the same you are blind.

      And Samsung has had the one button design on mp3 players and phones before the iphone was ever released.

    1. Unfortunately, the courts will never decide in Apple’s favor against Android. Apple is just throwing money away on lawyers. As far as the courts are concerned, Apple is just a greedy company trying to undermine the smartphone industry as a whole and a blight to consumers who can’t afford overpriced products in a poor economy. Google and Android are seen by the courts as the saviors of the impoverished consumer masses. Apple never stood a chance of winning in the courts. Nor does Oracle.

      As for the Galaxy Player trying to challenge the iPod Touch, it may be a good thing. Apple has basically given up trying to improve on the iPod Touch, so now Apple might consider pushing the Touch envelope a bit further. Not adding an A5 processor to the Touch is almost unthinkable for a device that is supposed to be a gaming device. Apple is slacking off completely for a company that practically builds its own processors at a lower cost. Due to its deliberate lack of features, the Touch is not even worth half an iPhone 4S at this point.

      1. You tell them, TheWiseInvestor.

        Apple is getting creamed by Android which is going to kill them in the mobile business.

        The Koreans are not going to put up with any crap raised up about how they are competing unfairly.

        It is a Samsung world.

        Get over it MDN.

        1. Uh-huh. Creamed so badly that they’re taking a majority of the profits in the market for themselves. Boy, I’d hate to be Apple and be competing against piles of sh*tty cheap Android phones shoved for little or nothing into the hands of people that barely use them. :rolleyes:

          Aren’t Android fanboys the most pathetic things in the world? I mean, yeah, we Apple fans can be annoying, but at least we have the clear success of our favorite gadgets to back us up. Android fanboys come off like a chihuahua yapping at a rottweiler.


      2. The last person to listen to about investments is the guy who names himself a wise investor. More inclined to follow the money, not the made up name, probably to impress sheep who need a spokeswoman.
        Totally interested in actual facts to back up ..”As far as the courts are concerned…” and on and on and on. Exactly which courts are you fantasizing about?
        Since you write in the past tense ‘…Apple never stood a chance..” you may be in some future realm. If so, shoot back your back up (and just ranting doesn’t do it.)

      3. “Unfortunately, the courts will never decide in Apple’s favor against Android … As far as the courts are concerned, Apple is just a greedy company trying to undermine the smartphone industry as a whole and a blight to consumers who can’t afford overpriced products in a poor economy. Google and Android are seen by the courts as the saviors of the impoverished consumer masses.”

        Yes, that explains why the courts have been consistently ruling in Apple’s favour and against Google’s. Oh wait.

        You should change your name to TheDelusionalInvestor. It’s more descriptive.

        “Apple is getting creamed by Android”

        Exactly. Apple is selling every iPhone they can make and rakes in 50% of the entire industry’s profits, meanwhile Android is mired in a losing battle of patent litigation and even the best selling Android handset sells only a fraction of what the iPhone does. It’s only when you lump every Android handset together in a dishonest attempt to fool people that Google’s broken platform looks like competition, which the market has proven it very much isn’t.

        Clearly, Apple is getting creamed.

        May I suggest changing your name to “Android Fools”?

      1. After I got married, my wife got a MBP, even though she had always used pcs, and her employer was all pc. When she was asked why the Mac, she said because she didn’t want a divorce.

        Of course once she started using it, she wondered why anyone uses pcs.

      2. i think you people need some fresh air. seriously, go to the park, pick some flowers for your dear mom. and leave your phone. good grief they are just things! …you kids need to chill on out.

    1. I wish i knew you in a person.

      Just so I could laugh in your face, look you in the eye and say “You’re a f*cking idiot”

      I doubt your friends will miss you… you sound like a real peach. Lol

  1. So…Samsubmerging copied the hardware?

    OK, where are the integrated laptop, desktop, device & cloud software that spans all devices and the SamsungyCloud server system to sync it all?

    Then we get to security and, as Balmer says, Developers, Developers, Developers.

    Samsung is late to the game and I don’t hear about them pouring 20-30 billion into a total integrated system.

    As good as they can do hardware, the hardware is only the bauble on the watch chain in front of the magician.

    While Steve J. the magician dazzled everyone with polished stainless steel and glass he hypnotized the competition into ignoring the thousands of internal software guys at Apple that put all the invisible secrets together over the last 10+ years.

    Samsung ought to just stick with making hardware…in my opinion. I doubt they have the guts to match Apple’s secret weapon…software.

  2. Apple has been sitting on its laurels with the iPod Touch for the past few years, so I welcome a little competition. I had a play recently with the Galaxy S WiFi 5″ screen. Nice machine and the perfect size for portable gaming. Hopefully it will spur Apple on to start putting some effort into the iPod line again: larger screen, faster processor, 128GB, etc, etc. Monopolies breed complacency. Always have, always will.

    1. “Sitting on its laurels” how, exactly? Didn’t they add two cameras and Facetime chatting just last year? Now, with iOS 5, the iPod touch can send and receive iMessages wherever there’s wi-fi. And that’s “sitting on its laurels”? “For the past few years”???

      Geezus, what do people like you want?! To take a guess: “We want everything the iPhone has except the phone!” Yeah, good luck with that. Carriers don’t subsidize the iPod touch, so the price has to be kept where people can afford it. I’m amazed that the touch takes pictures and video.


      1. I’m sure this stuff is welcome but if you ask most iPod Touch owners what they really want they will say:

        1. Larger screen, preferably 5″ for portable games.
        2. 128GB version so I can ditch my old Classic.
        3. The same processor as the iPhone.

        I don’t want an iPhone without the phone. I’ve already got an iPhone. I want a differentiated device that’s optimised for portable gaming, video and music. I don’t really want a camera or iMessage. I want the iPod to stand proud again and not just be a poor mans iPhone replacement. I want a device that sits in between the iPhone and the iPad.

  3. Wow! I “really admire” the innovation in Samsung.

    In fact, I see such a great future for them. I see it now.
    They are so wealthy in their mansions where the doors and windows are made of gold, the hallways are made of junks and their diamond mailbox filled with complaints from Apple.

  4. Maybe now Apple can stop screwing over iPod touch users with half assed effort. They’ve had the contemporary PMP market cornered for a couple years now, and it’s resulted in them taking those customers for granted.

    Perhaps this is finally the beginning of an Android assault on PMPs, in which case painting the iPod touch a new color won’t suffice as an update.

    1. Maybe you whiny entitled f***s could explain exactly what the f*** it is you want in the iPod touch that you can’t get now, and how you expect the price to be affordable and profitable without phone carrier subsidy.

      I’m so sick of this sh*t. Apple doesn’t add some amazing new feature to their media player, and the mac boards are all “Waah waah Apple isn’t giving us enough!”


    1. Nuh-uh! The touch is a “half-assed” effort from a company “sitting on its laurels for years”! Just read the reasoned analysis from your fellow commenters above you.

      I just sold my 2009 iPod touch to a friend, because I now have an iPhone 4S. My touch was still an awesome device when I let it go. I can’t imagine how much more awesome it would have been with the cameras added in 2010. And yet, to hear some Apple fans state it, Apple has done nothing with the touch. For. Multiple. Years. Multiple. As in “more than one”. As in farther back than 2010. When they added the cameras.

      Sorry for going on about this, but I have a low tolerance for blinkered stupidity tonight.


      1. So what’s “blinkered” about have a data plan for the iPod? My last year iPod has a great camera, but the iPad has data plans available-I’d like that on my iPod. I’ve had iPods since the first click wheel model, and I’m on my third touch.

  5. I think some of you Samsung supporters are missing the point.

    It’s wrong to steal IP. That’s the end of it.

    I am all for competition. But I’d like to see something new, not another Apple knock-off. Samsung is showing that they have a serious lack of ethics.

    1. I think some of you Samsung haters are missing the point: nobody gives a shit! Samsung is acting within the parameters of the law. The only thing Apple can do is out innovate them. Make sure your product is the best, sell it at an affordable price and customers will have no reason to buy the clone version.

      1. Again, although it’s a waste of a beautiful Sunday to waste time to respond to made up theories, when you say: “Samsung is acting within the parameters of the law” are you referring to trade dress laws? What’s your understanding of them?

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