Redesigned Apple Store Fifth Avenue revealed (with video)

YouTuber “patjem2” has posted video of Apple Store Fifth Avenue’s new glass cube which reduced the number of individual glass panes from 90 to just 15.

Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors, “In addition to the new cube, Apple has also upgraded the plaza, refreshing or installing new water drains and pavers while removing the small bollards that had previously surrounded the cube.”

The glass cube has been enclosed in a giant box while it underwent reconstruction since mid-summer.

MacDailyNews Take: Only one company in the world would care enough to spend the time and money to reduce those glass panes. Only Apple. May they keep that Jobsian mindset forever!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. So you go down to the huge glass cube, and then you walk down the glass stairs into the rabbit hole… to the best consumer digital products store in the world. Welcome to WonderLand.

  2. It doesn’t really look all that much different. Fewer panes I guess, maybe a LOT fewer panes. I know if Jobs could have it would have been ONE sheet of glass.

  3. From the book:

    …”One af­ter­noon he showed me a pic­ture of the Fifth Av­enue store and point­ed to the eigh­teen pieces of glass on each side. “This was state of the art in glass tech­nol­ogy at the time,” he said. “We had to build our own au­to­claves to make the glass.” Then he pulled out a draw­ing in which the eigh­teen panes were re­placed by four huge panes. That is what he want­ed to do next, he said. […] Ron John­son (head of Apple Retail) was not thrilled by the idea. He thought the eigh­teen panes ac­tu­al­ly looked bet­ter than four panes would. “The pro­por­tions we have to­day work mag­ical­ly with the colon­nade of the GM Build­ing,” he said. “It glit­ters like a jew­el box. I think if we get the glass too trans­par­ent, it will al­most go away to a fault.” He de­bat­ed the point with Jobs, but to no avail. “When tech­nol­ogy en­ables some­thing new, he wants to take ad­van­tage of that,” said John­son. “Plus, for Steve, less is al­ways more, sim­pler is al­ways bet­ter. There­fore, if you can build a glass box with few­er el­ements, it’s bet­ter, it’s sim­pler, and it’s at the fore­front of tech­nol­ogy. That’s where Steve likes to be, in both his prod­ucts and his stores.”

      1. “You’re not Ballmer’s left nut.”

        I hate the fact that anyone can impersonate anyone else via the WordPress interface here. Anyone could rant anything using my name. All I have to protect my identity is a little dot next to my name, just as Spark has, just as the fake ‘Ballmer’s left nut’ does NOT.

        Annoying. It encourages IdentiTrolling.

    1. Really seems to be working against them. Not that I agree with your ridiculous statement. If they repackaged the iPhone, why does it still look the same?

      You’re just salty because they didn’t change the shape and put a battery-hogging technology that has yet to reach any kind of ubiquity in the device. Two pretty pathetic reasons to say the 4S wasn’t a great update.

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