‘Steve Jobs: iChanged the World’ documentary airs tonight on UK’s Channel 4

Channel 4’s documentary “Steve Jobs: iChanged the World” will air tonight at 11:05 PM local time in the UK. This is the same documentary airing in the USA tonight on PBS at 10pm ET/10pm PT under the title, “Steve Jobs – One Last Thing.”

The story of the extraordinary life of one of America’s most successful innovators and entrepreneurs: from college drop-out to one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Through interviews with the people who Steve Jobs knew and who worked closely with him over the years, Steve Jobs: iChanged the World takes an unflinching look at his difficult, controlling reputation, and offers a unique insight into what made him tick.

In a never-before-broadcast, rare interview, Steve Jobs expounds his own philosophy of life, and offers advice to us all on changing our own lives to achieve our ambitions, our desires and our dreams. Steve looked back over his astonishing career and explained the principles on which he built his success.

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    1. they are one in the same. Am watching it on PBS now. Much is summarized from the book, but it’s so nice to watch the people talk about him. Sad how they said “he logged out for the last time”, yet very fitting…made me want to cry.

      1. Oops. Then I read it: This is the same documentary airing in the USA tonight on PBS at 10pm ET/10pm PT under the title, “Steve Jobs – One Last Thing.”

        If you value your digestion, do NOT watch this fatuous POS documentary. I’m not done complaining at you yet, Walt Mossberg! BAD PIE! bad pie.


        1. What was it that Walt said that actually annoyed you so much, seemed relatively benign to me I was hoping for a few more insights from him. Generally pretty good I thought though nothing particularly insightful and felt a little rushed (was it really an hour) especially the last third which just seemed to rush through the time when he returned to the company to the present day without any real feel or insight into what a great change from near irrelevance to domination and how how made it come about.
          Also I felt the contribution from the Pixar guy with his own agenda who was clearly peeved that Jobs gained complete control by ‘daring’ to pile in money to keep it afloat and then claim the credit was pretty pathetic, most people at the time wouldn’t even know Jobs was associated with Pixar. Should either have left that on the cutting room floor or at least give us other brief insights of his time there from John Lasseter perhaps.

          1. Jobs was quite humble within Pixar and never butted-in in actual art process. He contributed minimally on creative part, with only few ideas of his were ever used (he actually felt he did not need to add up artistically since the guys in Pixar were outstanding on their own).

            So this talk about credits is obviously ill intent from that guy.

  1. Watched it. Pretty much sucked. Not impressed at all and they want 24.99 for the DVD. They should have let the producers of NOVA or Nat Geo do the show. Would have been better.

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