Apple’s ‘Slide to Unlock’ patent stirs up a hornet’s nest in Taiwan

“Patently Apple was first to break the news about Apple’s granted patent for their ‘Slide to Unlock’ patent this past Tuesday,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “Considering that it was Apple’s second patent win for this feature we didn’t think that it would generate much interest.”

Contrary to our belief, it appears to have stirred up quite the hornet’s nest in Taiwan,” Purcher reports. “Yesterday the Premier of Taiwan, speaking at a weekly Cabinet meeting, stated that he was very concerned about the possible adverse effects of Apple’s latest patent victory on Taiwanese companies, particularly those in the smartphone and tablet sectors.”

Purcher writes, “I’m glad that they’re looking into it and maybe they’ll finally realize that copying IP shouldn’t be a national practice.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward Weber” for the heads up.]

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  1. Taiwanese prosper on the copy and steal IP. Their PM is realizing for once they may have problems to steal and copy as a nation now. They will use Chinese as the front guy to steal and copy.

  2. Apple applied for this patent in 2005. It ddidnt issue until the end of 2011, 6 years later. That is an eternity in the fast moving world of personal electronics. This illustrates one of the weaknesses in the US patent system, IMO.

  3. I’m a bit ambivalent about this particular patent, but it’s definitely good that Apple’s message to copy artists is crystal clear: “You’re going to have a fight on your hands if you copy us”.

  4. Talking complete bollocks again, I see. Don’t you get tired of being an asshole? Not only an asshole, but one who displays it in a public place. I’d be mortified to be see to be such a dickhead, but I guess that’s the anonymity of the Internet forum for you. At least Zune Tang was satirical.

  5. Well, you are wrong.

    Take one click on line shopping. Buttons were there before that patent, shopping was there before that patent, but one click on line shopping was new, unique, patentable, and upheld in the courts.

    1. I think there were real issues with the 1 click shopping patent also but in this case there is little in common between the two, at the least the shopping patent had some merit, this one is pretty poor in my opinion.

      There has already been a dutch court involved with Samsung and Apple over this and it isnt likely to hold up in that court is how its looking.

      I’d love to throw a really long post because im passionate about the way the patent system is broken in the US but im short on time.

      Look up the dutch case online if u have time and tell me what you think. Even if we never agree on it id be interested to hear your take.

  6. Is the violation something that Taiwanese android makers out into their phone or is it something that comes with android? Virtually anyone or any manufaturers in any nation who makes a android phones has this feature! Not just the Taiwanese. Even google’s own phone has this feature from what I remember. Does what you say applied to Americans too? Of course not. But if in deed it is an android feature, google is the one to be blamed.

    Apple did not invent it? Who did? Nothing is wrong with the patent system. Even if apple didnt invent it first….. Well…. If you dont even realizes the value in your own design and file a patent to protect it….. It is your own fault….. Nothing wrong with anything in the first come first serve basis. It just force you to be vigilant on your thinking process and product design to actually realize when and where you have an idea that can be protected. The first inventor who wAs lazy or clueless or didn’t bother to check or file for a patent….. Can not cry foul later. Something wrong with the patent system? Maybe…… But what’s the alternative? Can anyone who come out of the woodwork just claim that he invented first? How can anyone prove that he “thought” of it first? Can anyone point to someone who came up with “slide to unlock” before apple? Not just slide to do anything?

    Design patents are important…. It forces people to come up with designs that when combined with hardware engineering perform specified function. Patent that arises from hardware without design interface or from design interface without the underpinning hardware engineering can not work.

    1. You say: …Nothing is wrong with the patent system. …

      So, for you it is alright for a patent to be granted, only after 6 years. Dammit. Companies can come, thrive and go broke in 6 years. If the lack of such a patent contributed the company to go broke, don’t you feel that constitutes an injustice?

      1. Nope, when I said nothing is wrong with the patent system, I am referring to many people’s opinions that only engineering patents not design patents that should be granted.

        Do no confuse the patent system with the management and administration of the patent system.

        It not really broke, just very badly managed with very few resources. I think most of public agencies suffer from bad management.

  7. I hereby propose a solution to android phone makers….. Instead of slide to unlock that violates apple patent, just press your equivalent “home” button 2 or 3 times to unlock it. Here, i thought of it. Can I get a patent?

  8. I’m tired of all of these Euro trashers mouthing off about the broken US patent system. You’re teetering on financial collaps so fix your broken finance system and stay the fu-k out of our successful patent sysem – you losers.

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