Italian Judge denies Samsung request to ban Apple’s iPhone 4S

“An Italian judge has reportedly denied Samsung’s request for a ban on the Apple iPhone 4S in the country,” Chloe Albanesius reports for PC Magazine.

“According to Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (AGI), a Milan court today rejected Samsung’s bid to have the iPhone 4S launch delayed in the country,” Albanesius reports. “he judges did agree, however, to Apple and Samsung’s requests to submit more information, which will be reviewed at a December 16 hearing.”

Albanesius reports, “Apple is scheduled to release the iPhone 4S in Italy and 21 other countries on Friday; pre-orders started last week. Today’s ruling means that launch can go ahead as planned.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. If you are in Italy make sure you grab the iPhone 4S before Samsung screws up the system.

    That way all your friends can look on in envy as you have an iPhone they may not have courtesy of the Koreans.

  2. Can Shamdung look any more desperate and foolishly vindictive than they do right now? And without a leg to stand on and the lights turned on with their doe in the headlights hand in the patent cookie jar.

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