Apple continues work on allowing merging of Apple IDs

“Last month, we noted that Apple was aware of and working on the issue of users having multiple Apple IDs and seeking to merge them into a single account. MobileMe users in particular have been affected by the issue, as many of them had one ID for their MobileMe account and a separate account for iTunes Store purchases,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“We reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook had emailed a customer to inform them that Apple was indeed working on the issue… Cook appears to have reached out again, this time in a phone call to a customer in Luxembourg, once again noting that Apple is working on the issue,” Slivka reports.

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  1. I have two Apple IDs, one for iTunes purchase and one (from the iTools era), my primary email address for everything else.

    My is completely gone from Apple’s Mail!

    Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8
    DID NOT upgrade to Lion, DID NOT upgrade to iOS 5 on any devices (one iPhone 4 and one original iPad).
    Actually, did not do anything at all!!!

    My account was behaving strangely these past few days (obviously in direct relation to iCloud deployement), I re-launch Mail a few hours ago and all inbox and folders are gone.

    In my Home’s Library folder there is still a Mac folder with – I think – everything in it.
    I can access the account via but that’s about it.

    In Mail’s Preference Pane, the account is still here as a MobileMe IMAP account. Password field is blank in Incoming Mail Server and the SMTP field says offline.


    1. This happened with both my dot Mac and dot me accounts. I was freaking out. Then about a day later it all showed back up when I discovered that some how my settings in mail were changed. My dot Mac accounts went off line.

      I too have 10.6 and at the time was only using iOS 4. Check the account settings in mail’s prefs.

      Good luck!

    2. Similar problems here. Updated to iOS5 on all my
      devices (iMac,MacBook Pro,iPad2,iPhone4). Joined
      iCloud and got a address. Used new address
      and password as my Apple ID to purchase items at
      iTunes Store. Now my old Apple ID is gone. Can’t
      update my Apps as they want my old ID under which
      I bought them. Can’t access history of past purchases
      or download songs I bought in the past to MacBook
      as they all want my old ID. Can’t make a ‘new’ ID
      using identical old ID under
      because Apple now won’t accept a password with no
      capital letters or identical #s in sequence which my
      old password had. Driving me nuts! Will take all my
      devices to the nearest Apple Store and dump my
      problem at the Genius bar.

  2. What I really want is 1 master account for all purchasing and multiple child accounts for the family. So everyone has there own personal account but we get to share iTunes and App Store Purchases.

    1. I second the motion…

      While at it. Give me a local “iCloud management” so I do not download content 8 times to 3 Macs, 3 iPhones and 2 iPads over my poor connection (which has a daily cap of 450MB)

      1. iCloud management does sound like a good idea but for different reason.

        Just turn off iCloud on your devices you don’t want to download too. You can already control what gets downloaded to your devices.

        Also what kind of crappy internet company are you working with if you have a daily cap? is it dial up? What country are you in i am curious?

    2. Yes, would love for them to address (fix) this situation!

      Right now there’s enough leaway to have one master (for store purchases) and individual accounts for other iCloud services. The settings for iMessage, GameCenter, etc. are separated, which makes most things workable (though not exactly “Aplle easy.”).

      The most painful is Photo Stream. Only being able to view and sync one account per device is really annoying. For example, I was really looking forward to having my wife’s photos automatically sync to our library. It’s a pain to manually sync all these different devices’ camera rolls. And we can’t use the same iCloud master account (which Photo Stream would require) because we need different identities for iMessage, etc. I also want to see different streams on Apple TV! My mother-in-law would buy an Apple TV today if she could subscribe to our Photo Streams. (And, no, we’re not doing Flicker.)

      Fix Photo Stream and I’m good!

      1. Actually, you can just use 1 icloud ID for both you and your wife’s phone. iMessage is independent, and she can log her own ID in the iMessage settings. That way you can both contribute to the same Photostream.

        1. That is one configuration and that would address iMessage, but Photo Stream is clumped with a number of iCloud services I want to keep independent. For example, Reminders and Contacts. She doesn’t need my “Buy Suger Plum a birthday gift” on her synced task list.

          Photo Stream is the only place where I’m having to make unpleasant trade-offs.

  3. We live in the boonies and have to use satellite for internet connection. Maximum 375 MB cap per trailing 24 hr period.
    If we inadvertently go over, we are instantly reduced to less
    than dialup speed for about 24 hours or until we pay $7.50
    for a token to reinstate the service. The real world download
    speed is not enough to run YouTube or other video very well.
    375 MB is not enough to upgrade my OS’s, Safari, etc. They
    do have a grace period from 11:00pm-4:00pm without a cap,
    but the practical reality is that it is a relatively slow connection
    and staying up all night to monitor large downloads is hard to
    do. I have no idea how iCloud will work for us. I’m basically up
    the creek until someone (Apple? Please!) decides to provide a
    service that can handle our bandwidth and speed needs now
    and in the iCloud future. We would be willing to can Dish and
    apply that $125.00/mo to the $70.00/mo satellite fee and even
    the $32.00/mo land line for a budget of over $200.00/ mo for
    the level of service I enjoyed for a lot less in town.

    1. Your “sob story” (as you called it) is unfortunately way too unique to warrant an expedited solution. It is clear that the iCloud as a services (as well as a concept) works best for those with good bandwidth and reliable connection. In reality, this is a rather small fragment of the world’s population, but it is also the most affluent, and represents a sizable chunk of addressable market out there. Hopefully, your “boonies” will eventually get some sort of high speed link (perhaps a mobile carrier might show mercy and set up a 4G tower within range of your home). Until then, you’ll likely have to watch others enjoy the benefits of the cloud, while you sync your devices manually.

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