Does Apple’s iCloud icon look familiar?

attribute this icon and it’s ‘brilliance’ to the Apple Designers, except the icon isn’t from Apple, it’s straight from Pictos 1,” Hanselman reports. “I know, because we bought it from them for our site. Plus Pictos 1 has been around for years. It includes a regular cloud, clouds with arrows up and down and a lightening bolt cloud.”

Hanselman reports, “Of course, there’s only so many ways to draw a cloud, right? But somehow this one just nails it and is itself iconic, if you’ll excuse the pun. Where else might you have seen this cloud icon? Seems everyone with an internet-connected or music app uses it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll comment, if we ever get past the irony of a Microsoft employee with a blog called “Computer Zen.” Maybe he works in the MacBU?


  1. Hours ago, when I first read this article, someone in the comment section had pointed out that Pictos 1 had this icon since 2010; where Apple had registered it either during MobileMe or around 2008.

    1. The author, Scott Hanselman, has acknowledged that he hasn’t verified with “the Pictos guy” regards to the icon’s origin, prior to running with this story. He’s awaiting a response via Twitter (non-lawyers in this forum, hold your collective breaths); meanwhile this incomplete “news” will now be twisted into a fact in the great anti-Apple echo-chambers of misinformation.

      Here’s how the author has inserted a bit of backtracking for future face-saving:

      “Good info and great use of the wayback machine. Perhaps Pictos took from Apple? I’ve asked the Pictos guy what the scoop is via Twitter. Even if it’s reversed, it’s interesting/cool how this one piece of iconography has seeped into the collective consciousness.”

    2. Links:

      MobileMe in 2008:

      Pictos, apparently only as far back as 2010:*/

      But, as someone said, I expect Apple-haters to run around saying that Apple steals design from others. Whatever.

      The strange thing is how many of the Apple-haters claim to love Google, but clearly are incompetent at searching this little thing we like to call the Internet.

    1. Yep. The tech press is getting soft, the Mac side especially needs to do some house-cleaning and layoffs.

      Then again, news aggregators and redundant re-linkers are also due for a reckoning.

  2. no **I** drew the cloud first…I am putting together a class action lawsuit right now…contact me if you drew a cloud and would like to join the lawsuit. Please send $10 via paypal to my account and I will add you to the list.

  3. Really a non story. I have investigated and designed a cloud logo icon a while back. There is only so many ways you can design a good looking cloud icon. That particular look of a cloud has been done many times.

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