Sprint customers line up in force as carrier gets its first Apple iPhone

“Apple stores got the longest lines as the new iPhone model launched Friday, but there were lines at Sprint stores too, as the carrier got a chance to sell the phone more than four years after the first model was launched,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“Product chief Fared Adib said that by midday, the iPhone had broken Sprint’s record for first-day sales of any phone,” Svensson reports. “Sales were above the company’s expectations, he said, without giving any figures.”

“Sprint Nextel Corp. joined bigger carriers AT&T and Verizon Wireless as a seller of the phone. Spot checks in Philadelphia and San Francisco showed that the lines outside Sprint stores were longer than at its rivals,” Svensson reports. “Meanwhile, a representative for AT&T said that as of 4:30 EDT, it had activated a record number of iPhones and was on track to double its previous single-day record for activations.”

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    1. What kind of loser do you have to be to visit and comment on an Apple fan site. Your life must be so small it is the only thing that can give you a rise. I can’t wait for your retort. If you dare. Remember. It is Macdailynews. Not, Android sucks dog cocks.

  1. Local Sprint store had 40+ people wanting on line as early as 2:00am. The store only got in 10 phones, 5 white, 5 black and all of them we 16gig. The girl who waited the longest had to go home empty handed because she had wanted the 64gig model. Sprint still can’t get their act together. Even when they finally do get the iPhone they find a way to screw it up.

  2. And they “ex spurts” said Sprint was gambling away their future by signing a 4 year deal with Apple for more iPhones than they ever could sell.

    Sprint will meet that limit in 3 years or less, if they will just get them to their stores.

  3. I’m pretty happy thus far with the 3G data speeds on Sprint,s network. It’s fast enough for me to stream Live365 radio at work and web surf at the same time. I don’t stream video much, so whether one can watch Netflix or something doesn’t affect me. So far, so good. Unlimited data is a nice thing.

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