iPhone 4S unboxing photos and first impressions

“The iPhone 4S has landed in stores and Electronista has its hands on a white 64GB model. As most readers will be aware of by now, the phone looks almost identical to the iPhone 4,” Electronista reports. “However, the internals have largely been given a once over with major upgrades in processing power and graphics performance. Our first impressions are that the changes really shine and are good enough that even iPhone 4 owners may want to seriously consider an upgrade.”

Electronista reports, “iPhone 4 users might be wondering about whether the speed of the A5 dual-core processor is noticeable over the iPhone 4, which is no slouch. The answer to that question is a resounding ‘Yes.’ The A5 processor really blazes through a whole range of tasks. The iPhone 4 can be prone to a little lag at times, which can be noticeable when swiping to Spotlight search, or when transitioning between other functions. This is all but eliminated in the iPhone 4S. Visual transitions between functions are lightning fast.”

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    1. On many discussion forums I have seen quite serious demands for a 7″ screen phone. These guys argue that there is no reason why a phone can’t be larger, since everyone loves a large screen; if you can put a paperback in your pocket, you can put a 7″ phone.

      The argument is as convincing as the one for a 4″ screen — it is asking for a brick that very, very few people (mostly from the fringe geek crowd) wouldn’t mind holding up to their ear when talking on the phone.

      In other words, current screen size is about as big as it could possibly be without making an average user feel awkward and geeky while talking on it. Keep in mind, majority of iPhone buyers are actually women. Can anyone here imagine a women holding a brick of a phone??

      1. A phone with a 7″ screen is nonsense. A 5″ screen is pushing it (but could be done by lengthening the screen). A 4″ iPhone screen is more than doable, and should still be close enough to Retina quality.

        I know a number of women who carry Android phones with larger screens than iPhone has. I don’t need to imagine.

        1. in his mind…
          I know of 4 women total with iPhones, I know in just my work… 9 guys (outside me) with iPhones.

          He could have a point though.
          I do know that some small business owners (a husband/wife couple) WILL put the Wife’s name as the owner for Minority ownership benefits.
          It could be the Wife’s name on the Cell bill, that buys the 4 iPhones for herself, husband, and two children…

          Not being sexist here, but Women tend to pay the bills in the family. us Men… procrastinate better than women.

        1. No, they won’t. It would be a whole different aspect ratio, which would require developers to re-compile their apps, which would piss off a lot of them.

          Steve said more than once this phone has the optimum screen size, and I imagine the logic of that reasoning is clear to the current top management of Apple.

          This screen size thing is all imagination on the part of folks that can’t understand how Apple designs and markets their products and simply think that they should be fighting the same feature/bullet point battles other phone manufacturers are.

          Ain’t gonna happen.

      2. And there I was thinking Predrag was one of the shining lights on this board. Until you said that most iPhone users are women.

        Let me see now…..just amongst my own friends and family there are………hmmmm let me think…..15 men and 6 women that have iPhones. I am trying to think of more women that have iPhones…….but no, that’s it. Men 15, Women 6. Your milage may vary.

        Oh just for fun, here’s another statistic……again, just amongs my friends and family……1 Man and 3 Women are anti iPhone.

      3. I think someone should make a mock iPhone 7″ and 4″, maximizing the screen size relative to phone size and keeping the screen aspect ratio in order to not to have to reprogram apps. The resolution should be the same as the current iPhone 4. (as a premiss, not actual)

        Then take pictures of how it would look in the hand, at the ear, etc. to show just how ridiculous it would be to have something that huge. All in the name of fun of course.

        If they want to be creative, they could make it thinner than the current model in anticipation of greater surface area to volume, a projection of what the potential outcome there is.

    2. Screen size will continue to be a talking point for iPhone competitors, as it’s one of the few things issues they can flog that sounds halfway convincing, at least at first.

      Gruber’s analogy to the old “Pepsi Challenge” rings the truest for me:

      The thing with the Pepsi Challenge was that most people preferred (and prefer today) the taste of Coke over Pepsi, when drinking a full serving. But, when you only take a sip or two of each, people tend to prefer whichever is sweeter, and that was Pepsi. Some people really do prefer Pepsi, of course. But I think there are a bunch of people buying big-ass Android phones after taking just a sip or two in the store.

    3. Opened both of my black 64 GB iPhone 4’s at 9:40 this morning. Nice. Early delivery, usually afternoon for me. Not an iPhone 5 but it will be here next fall. It is what it is. They’re not ready for LTE so we wait til next year. The 4S is awfully fast compared to my 3G. Siri is interesting. Face Time will come in handy, I use it all the time on my iPad 2 and my iPod Touch. Have a Samsung monitor with a mini so I will be upgrading soon. I just don’t like the glossy screen on the iMac. Overall I’m happy for now. 4 inch screen? I wonder if some people would have difficulty using a larger screen with one hand? I did read somewhere that it could be a factor? I installed Lion,upgraded my iPad and iPod to IOS and moved MobileMe to the cloud. I’m ready for action!

  1. I have found that iOS 5 (or the installation of iOS 5) seems to have sped up my iPhone 4 quite a bit, to the point that I am considering sitting out on the 4s.

    Opening mail, which used to be a wait-and-see process, is lightning quick from the notification screen, for instance. I’m a happy Apple camper, even though I didn’t camp out for the 4s launch.

  2. Got my 4s delivered at 8am this morning. 3pm and it still wont activate. I’ve tried everything for hours, including calling ATT (who said that if I keep turning the phone on and off it will activate sooner or later). I am VERY frustrated and quite disappointed… any tips?

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