Instapaper creator points out app caching issue in iOS 5

“Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper, has written a blog post about an emerging problem caused by a change in the way iOS 5 does housekeeping: it now periodically clears out the ‘Caches’ and ‘tmp’ directories that some ‘offline reading’ and map apps use for storing content, meaning apps will need to re-downloaded the content that has been removed — potentially costing users in 3G data, or inconvenience when they are offline,” MacNN reports.

“The reasoning behind the change in iOS 5 is sound; the cleaning isn’t triggered until an iOS device begins to run too low on space (the exact definition of that known only to Apple) and thus removes what it considers are (or should be) temporary items to reclaim space in those situations,” MacNN reports. “Content that was ‘cleaned’ but is needed again can simply be re-downloaded. Cleaning out temporary files can also be considered a security improvement.”

MacNN reports, “Although he does not specify it, Arment and other developers have undoubtedly been in conversation with Apple about the changes in iOS 5 since before its public release (it went through an extensive beta period). A solution may be forthcoming, but Arment complains that in the meantime, users are going to be upset with apps and developers rather than Apple, even though the issue was created by a system change.”

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  1. Don’t know if my issue is caching-related or maybe just iCloud not functioning at 100% yet, but is anyone else having their email not being pushed to your phone, or fetched even with the “fetch every 15min” setting on? It only gets emails when I manually go in and hit refresh. 🙁 reminiscent of the bad old MobileMe days.

    1. I do know that yesterday iCloud/ was screwed up for e-Mail for a long time.

      there were discussions about it on apple support.
      the iCloud email would not work, some found a workaround by setting up another account with different settings. about 3-4 hours later it worked itself out, or apple fixed it, and all is fine now.

      you might want to wipe and restore the iPhone from a Backup again if it still doesn’t work.
      I had a similar issue with the autocorrect once. It would work everywhere, except in Safari… was extremely annoying. wipe and restore cured it.

  2. The problem I have is where apps retain their data even when they’ve been explicitly cleared of such. Once I upgraded to iOS 5 on my iPad 2, I noticed iMovie retaining 1.5GB of storage space even though the project I’d been working on had been archived off to my Mac and deleted from the iPad. Similarly, Camera+, OneEdit and PhotoRaw stubbornly retain data that’s been deleted.

    I had to delete Camera+ to reclaim 4.5 GB of space, OneEdit I could clear its History and with PhotoRaw, an app I use extensively, the only way to clear out the imported images is to delete within the app and then import one further image, causing it to flush out the deleted data, even though there is a specific background thread Within the app that’s supposed to do this. This problem was obviously present on iOS 4.

    And don’t get me going on the new albums feature in Photos. Sure you can create an album from stuff in the Camera Roll but it’s aliased—delete pics from the Camera Roll and they’re deleted from the newly-created album too. Bloody infuriating!!


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