iOS 5 delivers significant speed improvements to iOS devices

“If you use the web more than anything else on your iOS device, then you should be eager to apply each and every update that Apple puts out, since they all improve Safari’s performance every time,” Geoffrey Goetz reports for GigaOM. “iOS 5 is no exception in that regard.”

“Considering all of the new features you get with iOS 5.0, the hit on performance in other areas is in most cases negligible,” Goetz reports. “In fact, with the exception of the original iPad (the older device that was tested), all devices actually gained in performance in most areas. That is simply amazing for the first release of a major OS update. This is nothing like the 4.0 release, where we saw incremental performance gains over the lifetime of 4.0 to restore what was lost to older device; iOS 5.0 is a solid release for all where performance is concerned.”

See all of the benchmarks in the full article here.


  1. Error 5000, no matter what time of day or night.

    Lets me know not to try to buy the 4S on Friday because activation won’t happen in time for partner to take a working phone on a long trip early Saturday.

  2. took me one try for my iPhone 4, and my iMac so far has no issues on Lion, which i installed yesterday morning prior to updating iPhone 4 to iOS5. not too shabby for flooded servers!
    Am now updating my wife’s iPad.

  3. So far I’ve done my iPod touch 4 and iPad 2.
    All is well on the iPod, but the iPad is having issues with the music app.
    Some songs won’t play at all, some play when a different title is selected. I’m going to try erasing all music and reinstalling playlists.

  4. FWIW – The sequence I used, taking advantage of other poster’s experiences was as follows:
    1. Upgraded 2 laptops to Lion 10.7.2 (didn’t take too long for either)
    2. Backed-up both my iPad and iPhone to iTunes (so I would have a solid backup just in case the backup as a part of the upgrade went sideways;
    3. Waited till 10pm (yesterday) to download (only) the iOS5 update (iPad);
    4. Then did the upgrade (took about 2 hours);
    5. I did the same for my iPhone 4 (in process now)

  5. Updated my Mac book pro, MacBook, and iMac , with no problems updated my daughters, iPod no problem. Updated iPhoto no problem. Didn’t update my wife’s , and my own iPhones 4( dint want to lose the untethered jailbreak, for resale value ) Trying to update my apple tv, 15 hours and still updating 

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