Charlie Rose tribute to Steve Jobs now available (with video)

Charlie Rose’s “A Tribute to Steve Jobs” with Eric Schmidt, Ken Auletta, Walter Mossberg, David Carr, Walter Isaacson, Lawrence Ellison, Bob Iger, Marc Andreessen, Marissa Mayer, and Steve Wozniak is now available for online viewing.

Direct link to video (non-Flash) here.

Via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “User” for the heads up.]


  1. Eric’s comments initially seem very flattering… but there is a slight hint of spreading the FUD that “Apple is nothing without Jobs” and that he’s absolutely irreplaceable… which I don’t believe is true. There are visionaries out there, and though the way has been paved, I hope that Apple’s corporate culture attracts and nurtures these visionaries.

    1. Schmidt did say that Cook is strong manager and Apple will further succeed though.

      Also, I agree that “single pure vision” may be the problem, say, after nearest three-five years.

      However, notice that I use “may”: I hope that the team will not get into multidirectional, no focus please-all compromises.

  2. Actually, there are much more executives in this video than Rose listed, including from Intel and Microsoft, and one of Jobs’ friend from France (Steven loved France and visited it every now and then; he recruited few key workers from there for Next and Apple, and even kept a small team of engineers in France to use in some of Apple’s key technologies).

  3. I’m sorry, but listening to Eric Schmidt drone on about products revealed in the board room and talk about loyalty makes me sick. Schmidt backstabbed Steve and Apple when he sat in those meetings and stole product ideas for Google.

    The fact that he leads off this video makes me question it’s credibility and points to how out of touch Charlie Rose is about Apple and Steve.

    We’ll miss you Steve.

    1. Could it be that Steve allowed Eric into the Holy-of-Holies based on the maxim: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”?

      I’d like to think that maybe Steve had the last laugh.. .:.

  4. I wish Steve could’ve appeared on Charlie Rose at some latter point in his life, perhaps a year ago if that’s when he was last healthy enough to do such a thing. I love Charlie and would give anything to see him pick Steve’s brain for a full hour.

  5. did anybody else notice what happened at about 16:30ish? Right after Schmidt talks about leaving the board, he says something like “It was all very cordial” his eye shift to the left for a second.

    Telling or not? It was the only moment that happened. Looked to me like he was lying.

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