Apple co-founder Woz first in line for iPhone 4S at Apple Store Los Gatos

Joe Hewitt, a software engineer from Los Gatos, CA. whose work includes Facebook for iPhone, Firebug, iUI, and early Firefox, tweets:

Woz and his Segway first in line at the Los Gatos Apple Store. Only one in line too!

MacDailyNews Take: Go, Woz! Or, rather, stay… don’t move until tomorrow morning when the doors open to deliver Siri unto the world!

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  1. I can’t believe WOZ isn’t doing this for fun. Can’t he get one early or any time he wants one from headquarters. He’s on the Apple payroll for Pete’s sake!

    1. Of course he’s doing it for fun! He’s basically a very wealthy Apple nerd (in fact he’s Apple nerd #1) and spends his money and time on what he loves. Once upon a time he spent his Apple money to put on one of the biggest rock festival in US history, also reported that he blew about 20 million dollars on it, which is total fucking cool and badass. Woz likes his rock.

      Woz is always showing up at Apple product launches (usually walks out with at least a dozen MacBooks, MacPros, iPhones, iPods, whatever), back in 2000 I saw him at the same Apple Store loading up a SUV with boxes and boxes of iMacs (in a variety of colors). When Snow Leopard was launched with the $30 upgrade CDs, he was there at the same store with all the other nerds getting his copies too.

      Whenever you grab a fresh Apple product and run home to play with it, you can bet Woz is doing the same. I’ve heard second hand that like the Mac Santa Claus, he is always giving stuff to his friends, family and various schools/programs.

  2. If you are an creator and entrepreneur you just relish the chance to “feel” what you users feel… That is what he is seeking …, the opportunity to feel the magic like you or I … It is what he lives for… The money has long ceased to provide a similar thrill….

  3. Back in Sunnyvale in 1984 Woz organized and ran the areas first MUG. I am proud to say that I bought my first Mac and joined with 40 others to share what we could do. Woz just likes people, Jobs, who I never met, not so much. Woz was first in line at SJ for the first iPhone too. Well he came late but he was allowed to cut to the front. No one there disagreed.

  4. There was a nice crowd around him around 8:30 when I walked by. He was signing an Apple Computer box for someone who just came out of the store. Always a nice guy!

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